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Hunting of deer and boar (originating from Java) and rabbits (from India)  is big sport in Mauritius, attracting men, women and children, as well as a growing number of tourists.


It is usually practiced on land owned by the sugar cane plantations. Lionel Berthault said the  hunting season coincides with southern Winter , when temperatures are low and the meat of good quality. According to him, it constitutes a good occasion for participants from all backgrounds to socialize. The deer population in Mauritius is estimated at about 2,500 and a third – or around 800 is culled every season, when 30 to 40 hunters are admitted to the plantations.
After the hunting, the animals are cut up as soon as possible and the butchers are there to purchase the meat, low in cholesterol . Deer sells at between MR 160 and Mr. 200 a kg.
Berthault notes that shooting of deer, boar and rabbits are, unlike many countries, strictly controlled in Mauritius. They graze and breed in a well enclosed area. Should they venture outside the controlled sites, they can cause enormous harm to the endemic forests and cane fields, he said.