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The Labour Party candidate, former Foreign Affairs Minister Arvin Boolell is poised to win the bye-election taking place in Quatre-Bornes on December 7.

According to a recent survey carried out by VERDE,  Boolell is credited with 35.4% of voting intentions, compared to 18% for closest opponent, Roshi Bhadain of the Reform Party . It was Bhadain’s resignation as MP which triggered the bye-election.
The candidates of the Parti Mauricien Social Democrat (PMSD) and the Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM) trail with 15% and 12% respectively.
On the other end, rankings of MMM and PMSD have also gone up from barely 4% and 8% respectively.
A previous survey had given Boolell 32%, whilst Bhadain has slipped one percentage point , from 19%.
It is also interesting to note that while the previous opinion poll registered 33% of undecided voters, this has decreased to only 6%.
A total of 983 people of voting age and residing in Quatre-Bornes were interviewed in the two surveys. A third one will be carried out in early December.
VERDE  is an institute carrying out surveys on population, financial services, offshore agencies, renewable energy and essential food items.