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The National Drugs Enforcement Agency (NDEA) continues its utmost to rid our society of the drug scourge. On regular basis they apprehend traffickers and/or drug users in possession of drugs. It is a job being well done by a team of Seychellois who have accepted to continue this battle.

The agency’s determination to bring back a drug free society is well appreciated by one and all who know that it is primordial that we win this fight. Or else parts of our communities will remain tainted and sad.
When government gives its commitment to work to bring positive results in the vast areas where there is a need to carry on the determination for more success, it delivers.
NDEA is not only strengthening its capacity and capability to fight the drug scourge in land, but also at sea. With the recent indicators that the Indian Ocean which includes the Seychelles Waters is being used as a route for shipment or transshipment of illegal goods which may include drugs via vessels such as the Dhow, the NDEA is making sure that it can better respond in such operations.
Therefore it has started to train and retrain its agents with the aim of empowering them and some of its key partners. NDEA, with the US officials from the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service dedicated the 18 and 19 April to conduct a training session on the in-depth of the dhow shipping vessel, with focus on the possible concealment places on such vessels.
The agency has been training several of its participants from its Marine Unit and Dog Unit, some participants came from the Seychelles Coast Guards and the Marine Police Unit.
This very important training comprised of both the theory and practical sessions. It was the NDEA Chief Officer, Mr Kishnan Labonte who officially launched the training.