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Small businesses in Seychelles are significantly contributing to economic growth as it makes up more than 80% of the total number of businesses in Seychelles, contributing to a spectrum of sectors including child minding, creative industries and light Manufacturing activities. They are the major source of job creation in modern day economy.

Such success can be attributed to the fact that the government believe in investing in our people and their entrepreneurial capabilities and investments. The government is always striving to ensure that the environment where they operate is a favorable one so that they can continue to progress. In 2018, restructuring of the establishment of the Enterprise Seychelles Agency or ESA to replace SEnPA was done to meet the exigencies and realities of the MSME sector as well as, provide them with institutional support.  
An additional 300 entrepreneurs were trained locally with the contribution of local and overseas partners, adding up to 800 so far who have had academic training in entrepreneurship.
“Efforts will continue to be made through the industrialization, policy to enhance capacity and encourage MSMEs to go into manufacturing or higher productive activity, integrate production technology to drive the diversification of the economy, hence increase the share of the manufacturing output to GDP” said Finance Minister Maurice Lousteau-Lalanne.
Hence, new initiatives have been put forward for the year ahead, which includes; the establishment of the Prompt Payment Policy and Bill, which aims to promote best commercial transactions payment practices, improve cash flow between suppliers and purchasers in commercial transactions and instill more financial discipline in the national payment culture.  This will address the delaying payment issues faced by many of those businesses. A provision of SR 5 million has been allocated for the 2019 budget to improve the Seed Capital Scheme, and availability of land based on a point system will be considered for commercial development
Furthermore, during the year 2018, the Department of Investment has focused its attention on improving the Investment Framework to facilitate investment and business operation in the country, which principles are to have favorable business environment to attract more investors. This has been one of the major milestone this year.
President Danny Faure’s vision for Seychelles is to see it prosper, and to see Seychellois working and investing in this country to make it prosper. Seychelles is bigger than all of us, and with each policy, each decision and each step taken in its leadership, is to put Seychelles and the people of Seychelles first. Unfortunately, there is the opposition, who have the majority in the Assembly and the power to put forward bills that will help the ordinary Seychellois to engage and grow in their businesses, they spend their time criticizing and discouraging those who are actively engaged in driving the economy forward. Their greed, their anger and desperation for power are blinding them hence failing to address agenda’s that will propel our nation forward, and give each citizen the chance to grow and succeed.