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It must be a slap in the face for the LDS politicians who mounted a campaign against the former president in spite of his hard work and devotion to rebuild the economy of Seychelles and champion several initiatives that have landed Seychelles recognition in the international arena. 

This newspaper has often said that while the opposition was mounting attacks against him on domestic front when he was still president, Mr. Michel was performing in another league. No matter what accusations hurled against him, the former President has always been a victim of jealousy of his opponents who until now, with a majority in the National Assembly have not been able to deliver for the people of Seychelles.
This newspaper still recalls his successor telling him not to worry about the country, to retire in peace and to hold dear to his heart his many successes. For we all love him and will ensure that he will get the recognition he deserves.  
This is a promise that is being fulfilled by President Danny Faure and his government, although amid a very difficult situation called cohabitation. But we are embracing the struggle and it will make us stronger. It will not last forever. We entered a storm together and in solidarity and with loyalty we shall brave that storm. Already, we are seeing the light. Together, we share the joy and happiness of the former president. We salute his past, present and future achievements.
 Last week we published an article announcing Mr. Michel’s latest recognition and role as one of the founding members of the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Ambassadors. Basically it is a small group of global leaders who will work with the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project to advocate for the creation of large marine protected areas.
Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Michel says he is encouraged by the recognition of the role he has and continues to play globally towards the protection of our ocean. “I have devoted much of my life to marshal a new era of sustainability and prosperity for our oceans by championing causes such as the Blue Economy and marine protected areas. The Blue Economy is not simply about making greater use of the sea, or more commercial fishing, but about making sustainable use of it. In this economy, the sustainability of ocean resources is recognized as critical to global economic growth,” he adds.
The announcement came on the same day that the Seychelles launched its Sovereign Blue Bond to raise private investment to finance a transition to sustainable activities and practices by the domestic fishery, in particular, the implementation of the Marine Plateau Demersal Fisheries Management Plan. The bond which is the first in the world was initiated during Mr. Michel’s administration along with the World Bank and Prince Charles Charity. The World Bank congratulated Mr. Michel for the initiative and the government for seeing it to this day.