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21 APRIL 2017

‘A mole in the National Assembly’

I paret drol me i vre – ‘Kouzen Lami’ i dir nou ki ‘We don’t call them a spy, a secret agent or undercover agent. Neither do we call them an infiltrator or an informant; they are moles and moles are very difficult to identify.
The reason is simple: they normally occupy important positions within the establishment.’ What next and whose next ‘Kouzen Lami’? En letan nou ti annan ‘karya’ ki ti pe manz tou papye ek tou dimoun anba dan biro; en letan nou ti pe vwar ‘lougarou’ dan kanton; dan en letan nou ti annan dandosya; e ozordi ‘Kouzen Lami’ i anrisi nou lalang Kreol avek en lot fenomenn ‘a mole dan lasanble’!
Eski sa pa en maladi imaziner avek bi debark serten manm lekipaz lo bato??? Me tou dimoun pou dakor avek ‘Kouzen Lami’ ki si i annan move zerb dan nou Lasanble, e i ganny konfirmen ki vreman i bann move zerb dan zarden, zot pou bezwen ganny anrase. Me atansyon nou konmans vwar nanm partou kote ; ‘a mole’ ki pa vreman egziste !!!

21 APRIL 2017

 ‘Who is going to pay for the Coup D’état?
      Contributed by Barry Laine

Sa msye ki paret pli kalifye ki tou Kreol Seselwa i dir nou ki ‘The admission on Social Media and in the print media by Maxime Ferrari that he, James Michel and Albert René were the prime participants in the 5 June 1977 Coup D’état and thereafter has reverberated across our land because now we are starting to hear admissions coming forth….People are asking who is going to pay for the Coup D’état.
They ask who is going to compensate the people who suffered atrocities, unnecessary sufferings and pain afflicted on them by Parti Lepep under their previous names, SPPF, SPUP et al…..’  O mwen ou lentansyon i kler ‘Msye Savan’.
Ki ou pe rode dan sa trou san fon? Ozordi malgre bann aki materyel, nou debout fyer avek nou latet anler konman en Kreol Seselwa ! Lefe ki ou deklar ou konman en msye konn tou; ou lentelizans i ase gran pour konpran bann diferan faz ‘nation building’ atraver lemonn – legzanp ‘Barrington Moore’ noted that “the commercialization of agriculture in England under tenure system, required a slow-motion revolution under which peasants were forcibly driven off the lands their families had inherited for generations.’
Well ‘Msye Savan’ le 5 Zen 1977 ti ouver nou lizye e nou ti ganny libere. Nou’n fer sir ki nou bann aki lalit SPUP depi 1964 in ankre dan nou Konstitisyon 1993. And believe you me ‘Msye Savan’, the new Liberal, Progressive and Democratic Seychelles we are building today under the banner of Seselwa….En Sel Desten, is a product of a far less violent nation building of yester years than what today’s liberal democratic Europe went through in the preceding centuries!!!  


“Effective states operate through law, but formal law can itself become an obstacle to the exercise of an appropriate level of administrative discretion. Rules need to be clear and impersonal, but every legal system adjusts the application of rules to fit particular circumstances.
Prosecutors are allowed to exercise discretion over when and how to charge defendants; judges exercise discretion in sentencing. The best bureaucracies have the autonomy to use judgement in decision making, to take risks, and to innovate”

Francis Fukuyama

“We the people shall rise up to the occasion in spite of all the odds! We are not down and out … don’t dare make that mistake!”


Lepep i Note, Lepep i kontinyen Note, nepli martir bann demagozi politik!


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