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When a failed politician leads a march, the end result can be obviously expected.  He is bound to fail. Whoever then partakes in the march, is also marching towards failure.

That was the case last Saturday when Wavel Ramkalawan led LDS in a march down the streets of Victoria to ask President Danny Faure to step down and organize fresh Presidential election. It was a total failure.
 How can a crowd of less than 300 supporters out of over 60, 000 voters ask a legitimate President to step down? It is simply absurd and even bordering on madness. LDS has to think again and do better if its leaders want to satisfy their thirst for power. Everyone is looking at them, including the international community, which is well aware of the political situation in Seychelles.
The slogan “Danny Out” became in fact a confirmation that President Danny Faure needs to “Stay In” office for as long as his mandate in office lasts and even beyond.  There are few real political leaders in Seychelles. Danny Faure is one who emerged in very difficult times.
The country should thank God for him.   Other politicians are just not sincere and loyal. Our country does not need them. Seychelles needs politicians who are serious and with the aim of improving the lives of each and every one of us.
So what can LDS do after its failed march?
If LDS was a serious political party and believes that it has the majority of support among the population, then it should take the following decisions.  
1. It can dissolve the National Assembly and it has the majority of members to do it.
2. The National Assembly is one of three branches of the government. The other two are the Executive and the Judiciary.  If the National Assembly believes  that the Executive and the Judiciary are not performing up to standard, then it should dissolve itself and not continue to be part  of such a government.

3.  If after fresh elections, LDS wins back its majority, then it will be confirmation that the Seychellois people approve of its work.  It will also be a confirmation that it has  the majority of support in the country. LDS will not have the need to march down the streets of Victoria anymore. Everything will be clear to everyone. It will not need to carry banners with the slogan “Danny Out”. The man himself will have realized that he needs to organize fresh Presidential Election in the country.

At the moment, all indications point to the fact that most Seychellois love Danny Faure as President of the country. They respect him for his vision and devotion towards the well-being of all his people.  He is youthful, dedicated and has political wisdom. He has proven himself to be a capable leader in all areas.
Two years as President of a country in a situation of cohabitation for the first time ever, is proof of that.  He is successful sailing in unknown waters.
LDS leaders on the other hand, have not proven anything as yet. They want to test everyone else, but they do not want to test themselves. They brag and make lots of noises, but lack action. What they need to do is something which will test their own popularity. The time will eventually come when they will have to face the music because there will be nowhere to hide.
They are presently pushing for fresh Presidential Election, but they themselves can make it happen. They have plenty of ways to do it, but the only problem is that they do not want it to happen at their own risk and cost.  They are simply not sure of themselves.