Susbscribe to People

An attempt by the priest to mislead the people.

President Danny Faure held his regular State House press conference last night, coinciding with a motion by the opposition LDS for him to step down and hold fresh presidential election.

The motion brought forth by Wavel Ramkalawan appeared on the Order Paper this week and is yet to be debated.
According to LDS, President Faure should resign because of “concerns regarding the ineffectiveness of the country’s administration and a decline in the country’s State structures.”
This comes amid major  developments, including inauguration of the Providence  Fishing Port second phase, meaning a big boost for fisheries and start of the project  to elevate La Gogue dam by six metres, to name but a few.
Just this week, ten new doctors  joined  the Ministry of  Health, after  completing their studies  at  different  universities worldwide, some  of  them  attaining  excellent academic performances. This constitutes a source of great national pride for our small nation.
 The negative motion also comes after President Faure returned home from working visits from India and China, bearing news of substantial economic assistance pledged by the two major partners, to be used to beef up national security, housing and other developments.
Since taking over the Presidency from President James Michel in October, 2016, President Faure has come out as being upfront, honest and always explained what he would like to do for the country and the good of the Seychellois people.
As for  his  State  House  meetings with the local press, what some cynics initially thought was a “one off thing” has turned out to be a regular affair since 2016. Last night’s press conference was the third for 2018.
His  starting  point  was to seek the support of the National Assembly, where Parti Lepep  no longer  commands a majority,  because that is where he had begun his political career  in 1993 and where he had colleagues, who still remain, including the  author of the motion against him, Wavel Ramkalawan.
 That is where President Faure delivered his first address spelling out his programme, after his inauguration and made clear that his administration will be characterized by good governance, transparency and accountability.
President Faure stated that his priority was to change all laws where necessary to establish structures that would legally cater for good governance and accountability.
President Faure was well aware that he was facing a challenge in terms of his hold on power. Parti Lepep  has  diminished power in the National Assembly, though it still enjoyed the authority of the executive. The reality was that State House cannot do everything without the consent of the Assembly, which is why the two sides must talk.
President Faure’s plan and vision as he took over the Presidency was that Seychelles be more united. “I want us to feel proud when we walk around in town….. Even if you support another political party, that should not be the first thing one looks at. We should look at the person and not label one another. We should see each other as brothers and sisters.
There is too much labeling in Seychelles today, because we are divided. If we get rid of this labeling and see everyone as Seychelles’ children, we will be able to accomplish greater things for the country.”
President Faure also loves team work. He gives people their space and do not interfere in their work.  Once tasks are set, he believes the work should be done. That is not always so, as LDS has some of its agents in key posts and often sabotages work, thereby affecting state structures and causing frustration.
But that is not President Faure’s doing as he believes in team building. His plan is to mobilise people to deal with the big issues of our time in all sectors of the country. He strongly believes that when we win. We all win together. It is not about him, but about us and about the country.