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The Anse Boileau by-election being held on February 25, following the resignation of elected member Patrick Pillay, is the third to be held since the Third Republic.

The previous ones were at Mont Fleuri, in 2008 and at Anse aux Pins in 2012.
What the three by-elections have in common is that they were all unnecessary and   the country went to considerable expenditure, caused by the irresponsibility of the opposition.
At  Mont  Fleuri, it was during the 4th sitting of the National  Assembly and just one year after SNP member Jean-Francois  Ferrari  had clinched the Mont Fleuri seat, after three failed bids.
Ferrari resigned after misbehaving and being sent out (for the day) by then Speaker Patrick Herminie. He could have returned to his seat after offering an apology to the Chair, but he obstinately refused to do so.
He resigned and prompted a by-election in Mont Fleuri.  Parti Lepep, then still called the Seychelles People’s Progressive Front (SPPF) decided not to take part and leave the opposition to fight each other.
Ramkalawan had just torn the SNP-DP electoral pact, under which it had fought the 2006 presidential election and the 2007 parliamentary polls.
The DP subsequently decided to field lawyer Frank Elizabeth against Ferrari who was running to succeed himself.
The Mont Fleuri election was held on July 18, 2008.   It was marked by a low turnout of just 26 %.
Ferrari scored 612 votes or 87%, against 84 for Elizabeth or 13%.
A second by-election was the one held at Anse aux Pins on August 12. This followed pressure by the opposition for the PL member to resign.
The by-election saw an improved turnout- over 65%, presumably because PL was participating to retain one of its bastions.
The PL candidate, Meggy Marie scored 1,317 votes or 61%
Lucas Georges, an independent candidate, backed by SNP scored 650 votes or 30% and Jane Carpin of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) -(170 votes or 8%).