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Last week it was all about Patrick Pillay resigning that became a circus show on social media, but what can be deducted now is what can be termed as the ‘Coup d’Etat’ taking place in LDS, especially for members of the Lalyans Seselwa presently in the National Assembly.

Rather than follow their leader Patrick Pillay it looks like they have chosen to remain with Wavel and SNP. They are the likes of Clifford Andre, Stephen Pillay, Francois Adelaide, Ahmed Afif and Wavel Woodcock.
So far, none of them has resigned to follow Ton Pat which means they have accepted to stick it out with Wavel. The only person who has followed Ton Pat is his legal advisor Daniel Cesar.
 Who advised Patrick Pillay to resign? According to speculations some individuals in Lalyans Seselwa are responsible for Pillay’s decision. Whoever were his advisors, what was unmistakable was his inconsistency in his interviews to justify his resignation, firstly blaming the Government, then the Lepep MNAs and his ‘frenemy’, Wavel Ramkalawan.
Like we said last week, their internal conflict has come to the surface. Their dirty linen is being washed in the public. Why should Parti Lepep get involved?
Some opposition sympathisers on social media have been saying that Parti Lepep cannot gloat over this by election and dare say now that it is not a priority especially when it comes to the cost to be incurred.  They  are blasting  the  past  of a similar situation that occurred in Anse aux Pins. What they are failing to point out is that what happened in this eastern district in 2012 was beyond Parti Lepep.
It  was  not a  political conflict it was a personal video reaching  public domain. In fact it was the opposition media which  started a campaign  to  call  for  the  former  MNA to resign.  Week in and week out, they were dishing out garbage on him putting pressure calling for the resignation of that MNA. For a few weeks the story was their headlines.
The situation now is completely different in the sense that a by election will be held to suit the whims of an LDS politician who has decided to use the conflicts he has with his colleagues as excuses to resign.
 Their fight is political and even if there have been speculation concerning their issue and also about the fact that Patrick Pillay has attempted to resign before Parti Lepep has never used that against him. But like this newspaper said last week Parti Lepep respects the National Assembly as an institution and also the position of the Speaker.
To conclude it is inevitable to draw attention to the fact that what happened in Anse Boileau should have called for both leaders involved in that contention, i.e. Patrick Pillay and Wavel Ramkalawan to contest each other for the people to see of the two who is the lesser of two evils- to quote the proverb.