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Susbscribe to People

President Danny Faure continues to maintain regular contact with the people. He believes that leaders cannot gauge feelings and problems of their constituents from the comfort of their air-conditioned offices.

This is why he sets a day aside each week to meet people on a one-to-one basis and also undertakes regular tours of the districts. That is when he gets to know people in their homes, at work and elsewhere.
Pressed to say what the pertinent issues he encounters are, President Faure said it is undoubtedly housing.
He went on to say that he wished he could give every home seeker a house. “I also feel sore  when  someone  tells  me that  his/her landlord has hiked rent  by as much as R 2,000 monthly or when someone is evicted at short notice,  without  the owner having any clear plan what to do with the house.
He added that many people also write to him personally and when  he cannot, for some reason, meet with them personally, he makes sure that their complaint is sent to the relevant minister for action as deemed fit.
President Faure noted that he had also advised all ministers to go out and meet people on a one-to-one basis. They are also urged to meet regularly with the press.
President Faure also said drugs constitute a challenge.
He is also aware that the Secretary of State for Poverty Alleviation, Mr Dick Esparon has been strategizing on a course of action.
He noted that he will be addressing the National Assembly in July on economic issues, including fisheries, agriculture and financial services.
President Faure added that Mr Esparon  will soon after brief the media/public on his plan of action.



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