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Susbscribe to People

Seychelles has a healthy democracy and there are people who prefer to live quietly without affiliating themselves with political parties but do what is right by themselves and their families.

This way they have a better understanding of life in our country and to be honest they can be more objective when they exercise their right as a voter. But to trash PL to take side with the opposition cannot be healthy because politicians in the opposition are not serious enough to care about your life and that of your family.
It is always about their personal ambition, their personal gains. In this case, a Seychellois is better off backing PL; at least, his everyday living is looked after by PL; notably his employment, housing, health, education, standard of living, and come to think of it even his happiness and sorrows. PL takes care of a Seychellois before birth until after death.
The opposition’s greed and bad mentality motivates PL to become better as a political party.
Existing since 1964, PL is the oldest political party in Seychelles. Our leaders have always sacrificed a lot, personally, for the people and the country. They work with honesty and in sincerity. They accept everybody and treat people fairly in spite of their political conviction which a lot of times are not in favour of PL.
The PL leaders always see beyond the horizon, they compete on another level among bigger countries and not necessarily competing here with local politicians who are thinking only about themselves. PL is not fighting to get rid of Wavel and the opposition. PL is fighting to put the country on a higher level when compared to other countries of the region.
PL is fighting to get more recognition for Seychelles from international organisations and for Seychelles to become a more powerful voice in major international forums. PL is fighting for the survival of Seychellois and Seychelles in this big world.
One would ask then why do we react to the opposition’s politics. It is because they do not see beyond this horizon. They have no plans and no vision for Seychelles. They are not even as patriotic as they should be for their country.
They do whatever they can to stop PL in its quest to realise the dreams of every Seychellois and put Seychelles on the same level as any best country the world may have.
They turn themselves into obstacles. They become the enemies of the people of Seychelles. And, any enemy of the Seychellois people is the enemy of PL.