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People, even politicians as they grow older they should become wiser and more matured. These qualities give way to more intelligence and better comportment.

However, for Wavel Ramkalawan who has regained status on the back of some former Parti Lepep politicians, he remains a bully, hence immature and lacks in behaviour. It was nothing but the whole truth when he was described as arrogant and as the man who would never become president.
To get mad when told that he is spending tax payers’ money on useless trips to the outer islands make Wavel burst out in anger. What caused this outburst, the truth or simply the arrogant and bully attitude to try to control what a political newspaper writes as it educates its voters?
In real truth, it does not annoy us or will make us less determined to inform the people about the business of politicians who wrongly use their powers and positions.
For many years the opposition rags have been doing it against Parti Lepep officials in government, and it never mattered to them that these people had feelings. So why should we, at this time in point, when LDS is humiliating and attacking our officials left, right and centre, refrain from telling the truth and spare the feelings of Wavel Ramkalawan?
That very same day, as they have been doing every week since they got the majority, they showed no respect for former President Michel who has sacrificed many years of his life for this country and people. He has worked to rebuild an economy that politicians like Wavel and co. are benefitting from. He was ready to sacrifice his image and political accomplishment to make this country win. Yet, LDS doesn’t recognize the good deeds of the man but keeps trying to tarnish his image. They try to accuse him publicly and they even gossip in the Assembly corridors.
Over his dead body should Wavel think that we would tolerate his arrogance and hatred!
LDS has lessened the work of many government departments and agencies when its MNAs slashed their budgets that normally enables them to operate fully for the benefit of the people. Somehow there is a budget for them to spend useless trips to the outer islands. This in no way represents giving and taking, it bends more towards taking from the people. It is the people who voted for LDS who are judging Wavel and he knows that.  
President Danny Faure is wise and he tries his best to collaborate with LDS because he promised that he would work for Seychelles. He is understood and praised.
But many of us today conveniently forget that it was Wavel Ramkalawan who questioned the integrity of IDC. It was him who suggested that government relook into IDC and its activities on the outer islands. He even suggested that the 14 islands managed by IDC be privatised. It was his idea to form this committee to investigate the IDC.
Fine, Wavel wanted to see for himself, then he should have visited one or two islands, but why visit all the islands, including Aldabra- frequented by scientists, conservationists and school children who are involved in environment studies and are privileged to visit the place.
There is nothing personal here but PL is simply pointing out the unfairness of LDS to reduce significantly the budget dedicated for the people of Seychelles and yet they get to go on expensive trips to these islands.
Unless Wavel and LDS are prepared to donate from their salaries towards the funds that look after the Aldabra atoll, then his visit has been useless. A pleasure trip does not make any difference; so give back and prove to us that they did not go there only to have fun.
Last year several individuals and businesses were prepared to sponsor the opposition, go back to them and ask them to sponsor towards protecting Aldabra. Do not just put pressure on government. Do something positive rather than just take this opportunity to visit the outer islands before they are voted out of the MNA seats.
If we recall the 5th Assembly visited an outer island, Desroches. It was sufficed. And we still recall SNP’s criticisms!