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Hon Charles de Commarmond has been intrinsically linked with Cascade for decades.

He is a man who is widely respected, even among opposition sympathizers, because he is frank and does not mince his words.
Hon de Commarmond  can be considered by some to be a little bit theatrical at times,  but at the bottom of it all he is well liked because  he is sincere and close to his constituents and the Seychellois.  He has since the switch to multi-party rule, in 1993 been elected and re-elected at each parliamentary election, all at scores well beyond the average, usually surpassing the score obtained by the party at presidential election.
In last September, Hon de Commarmond  won over 62%  to retain Cascade for Parti Lepep, the second highest score only to La Digue and Inner Islands.
He has since October been appointed Leader of Government Business.  He is the ideal person for that post. He generally gets on well with colleagues on the other side of the House, including the Leader of the Opposition, Hon Wavel Ramkalawan.
Hon de Commarmond is even with Wavel and they agree on many issues.  Much of what he has stated in the Assembly echo sentiments already expressed by LDS members. So, it is unfair to accuse him of anything untoward in the realm of parliamentary democracy.
It is sad therefore that last week’s  ‘Le Seychellois hebdo,’ a publication close to Ramkalawan, has ran a front page article seeking to ridicule  Hon de Commarmond’s recent Assembly statements as LGB.
Among other things it states that Hon de Commarmond has criticized the civil service, more precisely some officials of the Ministry of Land Use and Habitat.  The article also reproaches Hon de Commarmond for criticizing the National Agency for Drug Enforcement (NDEA).  Is that a case of the pot calling the kettle black?
Most officials of the MLUH work hard and with great professionalism. But, it is also a fact that among the personnel, some seek to play politics and retard the work of the ministry, to lay the blame at Government’s door.
Concerning the NDEA, Hon de Commarmond is quoted as saying that “it has been largely ineffective chasing the wrong end of the stick”.  The agency is now in the capable hands of Seychellois professionals. Some legislation have also been revised, with less focus on the users of soft drugs to go after the big fish.
Hon de Commarmond is clearly a man to watch out for and it is no coincidence that he is the longest serving elected MNA.
He is a member of the Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC). He is also a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, a member of the Select Committee for Outer Islands, as well as the Committee on Reform and Modernisation.
Hon de Commarmond is highly respected by all PL MNAs.