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Susbscribe to People

Last week, we spoke about the people being the greater power and not the politicians. But for the people to be able to use their greater power to make the right difference and not feel any regret later on, they need focus.

They should not be misled by talks that are underrated. It has been known that people who are in politics for monetary reasons are the best deceivers and their speeches are underrated. Most times  they can be very  good manipulators or liars.
Seychellois and not just politicians are dealing with  an unfamiliar circumstance. For the first time in the history of politics in Seychelles, there is a cohabitation- where government has a Parti Lepep leadership and  LDS  has a majority in the National Assembly.
LDS is a political movement which is made up of four political parties- each has a different story and purpose, for example, Lalyans Seselwa is a breakaway group from Parti Lepep and they have politicians who are eager to grab power.
While  the  SNP  was  defunct and has been kind of  resuscitated by the  creators  of Lalyans  Seselwa (basically the game they were playing backfired when they revived and brought to the limelight leaders  such as Ramkalawan  who got ebbed  from politics when some of his collaborators left SNP) and they are not necessarily after power for the right reasons; some of them need power as a sanctuary where they can have access to more wealth and personal security. It is a personal vendetta of some others. To quote them “it is our time now.”
This LDS movement had no confidence whatsoever that they would win a majority in the Assembly elections and their contenders were equally stunned as those from Parti Lepep when they realised they had won more votes and were about to become legislators.
Most of them were or can be still clueless when it comes to the seriousness of this job- if anything they have seen their win as a tragedy. It has been a complete turnaround for them career-wise.
The ones who got lucky were those emanating from SNP. Most of them have in the past been in the National Assembly- this means that other than the Speaker who has a weakness for privilege and probably wealth- the others got into a seat and today they are being used to carry on the legacy of the former SNP which is characterized by arrogance and lacks humility.
Parti Lepep was equally shocked to have lost the majority in the National Assembly. Its contenders had been reassured by the voters that they had merits. These merits should have been founded on 40 years of hard work by this party to build this country. Every ounce of transformation in the country- in every corner of the community has been as of the result of the work of this party.
The leaders have diligently worked hard and given up all that were personal and valuable to them to give the people what they wanted and to put the country at the top. So, one year later, this party which was established on principles that carry love, justice and fairness, peace and values has not given up.
It has stood up and brushed itself from the bruises, hurt and humiliation. It carries on and not giving up on the dreams and aspirations of the people of Seychelles.
While  some  hurdles are more challenging to deal with faced with a cohabitation (which is more or less a situation whereby PL has to agree to disagree with its opponents, basically its enemies) but on the whole  it is  holding up fine and has been able to gather back its flocks and slowly now it is rebuilding  its  foundation, cementing the cracks and building greater and more solid walls- the next time that this party face up an election it will be strong and ready. It may be acceptable to say that this party may also be going through a ‘purge’.
Going back to basics is allowing Parti Lepep to take stock and take necessary actions. In government there is a President who has decided to sacrifice whatever political goals he has for now in order for him to contribute his part in this re-building or rejuvenation.
He has two priorities; meeting people aspirations in the communities especially for those who are socially challenged for some reasons and his government has to deliver with efficiency. He has led the way in the most intelligent manner; give them responsibilities, make them deliver, guided by three golden principles of good governance, transparency and accountability.
This country was already on the right road and the future looked bright. The economy was new and healthy. It has the right nourishment to feed the tummy providing energy for all other areas to be successful. So, it is not about rebuilding because you cannot fix what is not broken. But it is about reinforcement. It is about repairing to ensure lifetime support.
When Parti Lepep and government are cementing to become stronger and more successful, what are their opponents up to? Other than pressuring government to privatise some parastatals in their bid to conquer and destroy, they have simply been having the best time of their political career- they are achieving personally, making hays while the sun shines.
For now they are making the most of the spotlight at the expense of the voters who had the greater power in September 2016 and will still have the greater power in 2021.