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Out of jealousy they are attacking a private entity.

There was nothing alarming nor was it a revelation to the people of  Seychelles to listen to Florry Larue- speaking about the lands that SPPF/Parti Lepep bought either from private or government since the beginning of the 1980s to decentralize its activities at community level.

At least this political party has proven its sincerity to work for Seychelles and the people by investing  in  facilities and the people. Can the same be said about the opposition parties including LDS?
LDS is using the National Assembly to target a private entity and that in itself is unacceptable.
Since 1993 with the launching of multiparty politics in Seychelles, the opposition parties have been funded by many  local and foreign individuals and until to date there is no way that the opposition can attest how they have spent  a single  penny  of  the millions received.
Parti Lepep and its predecessors are not ashamed that it bought lands and built offices and other facilities in all the communities and elsewhere in the country.
The branch offices were meant to be a place for the people to come in order to participate in national decision-making through their party branches.
Even today the branches are the link between the people in their communities and the headquarters of the party.
As a private organization, Parti Lepep has decided to invest in order to sustain itself and fund its activities and functions.
Like it was explained by Hon. Simon Gill, early in 2017, the Central Committee of the party, evaluating the present circumstance and in upholding the principles of transparency and good governance took the decision to return to government some of the the lands it bought many years ago.
However, the lands bought on private the party will keep. No one is stopping LDS from investing but it should not use their  majority  in the National Assembly to go after Parti Lepep. They were given a mandate to deliver for the people and not to vent out hatred and question the affairs of their opponent.
Wavel  Ramkalawan gave the impression that the National Assembly is a boxing ring. Parti Lepep refuses to be sucked down with them.