Susbscribe to People

Seychellois, as a nation, is in favour of a united, prosperous and peaceful country, which is why they are backing the new movement replacing Parti Lepep, United Seychelles (US).

United Seychelles is a progressive, democratic and patriotic movement, which is exactly what this country needs.
LDS, which is for division, hate and revenge, is now experiencing stomach cramps. United Seychelles is making them look lame and therefore LDS is having a difficult time adjusting and the cramps they are presently feeling are producing anxiety, anger and jealousy.
To quote Martin Luther King Jr. “Hatred paralyses life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonises it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”
United Seychelles is all for togetherness, compassion and progress.
Wavel Ramkalawan was the first to react officially to United Seychelles, and he has given the impression that he is enduring extreme pain during a rather pathetic interview on social media, and also how he tried to criticize our logo and the fact that we are now a political movement.
LDS has to listen carefully to learn that United Seychelles is in fact a political party with added branding to make it a movement which will work unceasingly to put Seychelles and Seychellois first, locally, regionally and internationally. What happened in September 2016 was a stroke of luck for LDS but it has failed.
Their aim after winning had been to work for a small minority to up their personal living standards. They have no time to waste thinking and doing things that will improve the lives of the people who voted for them in 2016, or Seychellois in general. Blinded by hate they judge, and are unforgiving.
LDS knows that it is incapable of working, let alone thinking in the interests of the people. All this time they were confident that they were succeeding, giving the impression that there is corruption everywhere and that it is now time to change the direction of the country in order to change the status quo.
While LDS is caught in those ridiculous thoughts and cannot change its mindset, the leadership in the Executive is delivering for the people, based on principles of good governance, transparency and accountability and, their opponent has been ‘cleaning up’ where necessary in order to give the people of Seychelles what they’ve been asking for.
We’ve reiterated before, that our predecessors and now United Seychelles are not only about winning elections. It is about winning elections to seriously work to continue to develop Seychelles, build the country’s reputation and image on the international stage. It is about winning elections to bring prosperity for the people.
Had LDS known that all they had been doing is spreading hate, division and confusion, maybe they would not have been shocked by the response that United Seychelles is getting from the people.
The message for LDS: “Move aside and let those who know how to look after this nation and country continue with the work. LDS keeps shrinking in both leadership and with supporters. There is no need to fight what is stronger and more powerful.”
For the people of Seychelles, “As a country and people we are heading in the right direction. Never before has we let them down. We led and pursued a struggle to bring about the freedom they needed in order to build this country and turn it into this record-breaker- or a winner. We have given our utmost and dedicated our time and put in hard work. We pledge to double this determination to make certain that Seychelles, which is already ahead of many in the regions and the world, will get nearer to the pinnacle. It is not the time to regress but charge full speed ahead for the advancement and happiness of the people.”
United Seychelles is for the success and victory of President Danny Rollen Faure.
Join US. “United we must stand”, with SPUP in 1964 with the struggle for Independence, SPPF in 1978- to build the foundation of the progress, strengthened by Parti Lepep in 2009 till to date.
2019 promises to be another even more successful year.