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Over the years, Seychellois have gradually developed an attitude of “joie de vivre”. This is very good because as it is enshrined in the principles that guide the government, Seychellois should live a good life and be proud of what they achieve as an individual and a family.

In the past many people used to organize social gatherings at very specific occasions, probably because they were not as opportune then, or maybe it was a tradition that they needed a reason to celebrate. Contrary to nowadays people will organize a get together for every occasion and at times for no occasion at all. In consequence, the general attitude has changed because people no longer organize parties at their respective residences for many reasons. They prefer to organize these actives on the beaches. It is more fun.
There are so many social gatherings all around the islands these days, especially around weekends and because of that, there is what some people, especially those residing nearby refers as noise pollution. Other beach goers complain of noise pollution because they look forward to spend some peace and quiet whilst appreciating Mother Nature.
 We all know what the aftermath of such frequent activities does to our environment, because the evidences are here for all to see. That is probably one of the reasons why people are reluctant to organize parties or other social activities at their residences nowadays.
For those who have had the opportunity to attend one of these activities on our beaches, we know what happens when people turn frenzy after consuming too much. The activities currently taking place at the St Anne Jetty is a classic example and this is probably one of the reasons why certain hotels and private residences have prevented access to beaches. It is a known fact that in some cases, there was no restriction access before, but because of the negative attitude of certain individuals certain establishments and private residents have felt obliged to enforce these restrictions.
The concern of access to beaches is an issue which the opposition has been nagging about for a long time and merits much debate. However the issue of contention is what type of access those leading the debate want and what type of access the public want, as well as what type of activities they want to organize on the beaches. The type of activities certain people organize on beaches these day will kill the argument especially of the very people who really merit such access.
We know for sure that the opposition has never exhibited sincerity in anything they’ve done and their efforts to ensure public access to beaches is just another maneuver to satisfy their supporters while they formulate an exit from that responsibility. For them it is normal to press their argument on behalf of the public especially the troublemakers who inflict the most havoc to our beaches so that they can generate political mileage and eventually make a case on their own behalf. For them the decision which has been adopted by President Faure has been perceived as a psychological victory which they will talk about for some time.
While it is normal as well as a fundamental right for a family to spend a week-end with the children on the beach either near a hotel or a private residence, it is totally unacceptable for several groups of people with different types of PA systems to disturb the tranquility of a respectable resident or a tourism establishment. We all know that disturbing, harassing or stealing from tourists is not first-rate publicity for our fragile tourism industry and with all the social network via the internet these days, bad publicity spreads as quick as wildfire. In that case it is normal that certain tourism establishments do whatever possible to protect their investments as well as the industry. Those in authority who have the responsibility to protect the right of every citizen should do well to take note of that.
For those who know what happens when people consume too much drugs and alcohol, they will understand why certain hotels and private residence have prevented access to beaches near their locations. It is a known fact that in some cases, there was no restriction access before, but the negative attitude of certain individuals have compelled certain establishments owners and private residents to enforce these restrictions.
But now that it has been declared that all beaches are accessible, it is also important that the public change their mindset and see it as their responsibility to respect private property as well our tourism establishments. While it is their right to have access to those respective beaches, it is equally their responsibility to respect the property of private residents and tourism establishments. They should refrain from playing loud music and disturbing everyone.