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It is the second visit by the members of the National Assembly’s Select Committee to three of the islands managed by the Islands Development Company (IDC)-  notably Desroches, Poivre and Remire. They also visited the private island of D’Arros.

On Desroches, the main island of the Amirantes group, the MNAs had the opportunity to see the ongoing construction on the 40-room hotel and 10 residential villas. Construction work is being done by IDC and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. They also saw the electricity production facility, desalination plant and sewerage treatment plant on the island.
Wavel who is the Chairman of the Select Committee has described Desroches as an island that has been well developed throughout the years in terms of tourism.
On Poivre MNAs were briefed on the proposed tourism development for the island and its potential to further develop agriculture. Given its location, IDC plans to use Poivre as an aviation hub for the outer islands.
On Remire they saw the facilities on the island as well as the former Presidential retreat used by Mr. France Albert Rene during his presidency. The committee then visited the private island of D’Arros, where they held discussions with representatives of the owner of the island. After all the shenanigans in the Assembly last year when debating the motion which they rejected, to declare D’Arros and St Joseph as special reserves, now Wavel is impressed with D’Arross.
In hypocrisy he said the island has a rich environment and its lagoon is one of the most beautiful in the Amirantes. When government said that and wanted to protect this place, Wavel urged his colleagues to reject this motion. Now that he has gone there, he is stunned. The priest has to see to believe. Nobody is impressed with this foolish attitude.