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Friday 08th June 2018

‘Establishing a way forward’
By Wavel Ramkalawan

‘Mon bann Zanmi’ ki resaman ti deklare ki ‘Koabitasyon Is Dead’ pe esey resisit sa koabitasyon. Konman en kretyen sa i fer nou mazin aksyon pour resisit Lazar! I dir nou ki “I will once again address a genuine concern that many people have expressed and which I feel is not being taken seriously by the Executive and other government agencies…. As a branch of government, the National Assembly plays a very important role in the country….So, as one can imagine there are heavy responsibilities placed on that institution….
There must be a new way of working together that is established. It must be one where the two branches do not compromise their separate roles, but instead, it should be based on how national issues can be taken forward in order to redress problems and be of benefit to our nation….The two institutions have to be constantly listening to each other. Both are concerned about the people of Seychelles and more importantly these two branches of government are elected by the people to serve them. It follows that what happens in both branches matter to everyone.” ‘Mon bann Zanmi’ koabitasyon is alive and we have to make it work better! Finalman ou’n rekonnet ki se sa 2 Lenstitisyon Gouvernman ki dan koabitasyon (Lasanble Nasyonal avek Lekzekitif) dapre lavolonte Lepep Seselwa. Zonm ek fanm toulede kote zot annan senpleman pou fer li marse. Napa lot swa ‘Mon bann Zanmi’ si nou oule vwar stabilite politik dan nou pei !

  • Le Seychellois Hebdo

 Friday 08th June 2018

‘Letters To LSH-I’ll rather focus on the positive by CG’

Nou ganny dir par sa en enkoni ki “It was certainly a momentous day when on 05th June 2018, the sixth National Assembly debated and approved the country’s first every Human Rights Commission bill….But it was also sad that some kilometres away from the House, a group of people were honouring this dark day in our history. While President Faure is no longer marking this treasonous act, supporters of his party which I am convinced he is still part off, were singing at the top of their lungs about their revolution which has cost, and destroyed the lives of many of their fellow citizens.” The 5th June 1977 call it what you may opened the door for a social, political and economic transformation of our country.
The fallen must always remembered and will always be honoured. As a student of political history, going through the History of Seychelles – TO BE A NATION William McAteer, nou annan rezon pour demande si le 5 Zen 1977 pa ti en rendevou avek nou desten. Historian McAteer writes “The Constitution, which hardly differed from the interim Constitution except for the change to a republic, was a mixture of French and Westminster forms of Government….As one observer was to point out “this powerful Presidency had the propensity to become transformed into a dictatorship, since its role was not counter-balanced by the Legislature.” In addition, although political pluralism was protected by the Constitution, Seychelles was in fact to be governed as a one-party state.
There was no provision for a Leader of the Opposition. Dr Ferrari was disappointed at the outcome, his party having shown little desire to obtain what it had previously fought for. “Mr Mancham got what, it seemed, he wanted – power”, he wrote. “Mr René surprisingly accepted the undemocratic proposals and the British allowed what no other democracy would have ever accepted.” Governor Allan thought much the same. He referred to fears that Mancham had been given “such an excess of power as to almost constitute a negation of democracy.” Rowlands, too, wondered whether Mancham could remain in power for long, adding: “Our expectation is that Albert René, the leader of the SPUP, will take over in due course.” On 5 June 1977 Albert René did take over, by force. But that is another story”

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“We the people shall rise up to the occasion in spite of all the odds! We are not down and out … don’t dare make that mistake!”


Lepep i Note, Lepep i kontinyen Note, nepli martir bann demagozi politik!


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