Susbscribe to People

Georcelin Humphrey joined the Seychelles People’s Progressive Front (SPPF) at the age of 16. He was a member of the SPPF Youth League, and in time he even held positions within this youth organization, launched by the party to bring together the youths.

The aims were to teach them discipline and values and also keep them away from social ills by involving them in activities in the community and also at national level. These young militants enjoy wearing their uniforms and taking up responsibilities. Like they say, it was a simpler time.
At the age of 18, Mr. Humphrey became a member of the party and started to take up responsibilities on the branch committee, such as Political Education.
All the time  that he has been an ardent activist of the party, he has witnessed the development of the country and personal development of  the people implemented  through the sound policies of the government, emanating  from the  principles  or ideologies of the party. “Since 1978 with the formation of SPPF till to date, this party the people have elected in government has never let anyone down.
This party has built and continues to up the development of the country and the people,” he says.
He explained that latest elections that have given the opposition-led LDS a simple majority has put this country in a challenging position whereby the Executive has to find ways to carry on with the work while the National Assembly divides and creates blockades. “It is why, come the next elections, the people will have to reflect, and reflect carefully on what they need.
 It is easier to want something fancy or trendy, for we know that some people vote the opposition  because their violent messages are attractive to them, but what we need is a peaceful country.
Seychellois families will not move forward  if  they remain divided by politics.
They can blame the government but if they are too divided and too blind to see the opportunities provided to them and avail of these opportunities to improve their lives, then whose fault is it?”
In a new political environment, says Mr. Humphrey, Parti Lepep like any other political party has to go through changes, in order to remain relevant to the people. It is not making changes just for the sake of doing it but through consultations with grassroots leaders and other partners, the party is becoming stronger and wiser.
“Take for instance the new draft of the Constitution; the final version of the document will reflect the aspiration of those who remain faithful to the ideals of the party. It is true the party has been on the quiet for the past two years, but it is important for Parti Lepep to observe and make the right move when the time is appropriate.
The party never reacts on what people say. It is pro-active and reacts when it feels it is appropriate and will benefit the country and the people.
Parti Lepep has never been selfish to think only of itself. It was created in 1964 to service the country,” says Mr. Humphrey.
He participates in meetings held by some branch committees and he notices the debates are rich. “People have very good ideas to contribute.
I know that the party I follow, the party I am part of, is on the right track. In fact, it has always been but now with a new political climate, it is definitely going somewhere interesting. Together, we struggle. Together we overcome our difficulties. Together we will come out victorious. I call upon our members and supporters to stay loyal. I
 also have a message for those who may be looking at the party from a distance, undecided whether to approach or not; you are welcome onboard. We need people to support this party that will always take care of this country and the people for as long as need be.”