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President Faure has said Seychellois should be dignified in their own country. They should feel happy and satisfied in their workplace.

Therefore, in organisations where there is no communication with staff brings uncertainty. “Communication in general is very important. It is also the role of the media to pass on factual information to the people. We have seen protests in the streets, which shows that the people are enjoying their civil liberties or personal freedoms that each and every Seychellois has. It is democracy in action.”
President Faure has however advised that protest in the streets is not the answer for Seychelles which relies heavily on its tourism industry. “When tourists see that, you think it makes them want to come back?” he asked. “It is not good for tourism which is our bread and butter,” he added.
“With the nurses, they protested when the issue could have been solved indoors through good communication. It is sacrificing but always worth the trouble in the end. They have an  association and had the people sat down in a dialogue maybe there would have been no need for street protest,” said President Faure.
“We have sorted out some issues and as we go along we will make sure that we honour our commitment to the nurses.” Adding that most times in Government, it is the  Department  for Public Affairs (DPA) and Finance  which are criticized because one gives money while the other one acts as the regulator. President Faure said that even for a Scheme of Service it begins within the organisation before DPA comes in for discussions.
The teachers protested in solidarity. When a fellow teacher was attacked it was the education system under attack, said the President. The protest showed us one thing; that there were problems with security at the schools.
On the issue of security and uncertainty the President said that he has sat down with the new Commissioner of Police.
Together they have examined the statistics and found that they are largely associated with the increase in the costs of drugs. “There was a reduction in 2016 and an increase in recent months in 2017. The addicts need more money to feed their addiction and drugs have become more costly.
They think that breaking in peoples’ houses is the way for them to get the money. There may be those who are taking this as an opportunity for them to rob people too. But what I have also noticed is that reports of crimes coming from the Victoria Police Station have lessened compared to the other stations. It is why the Police Commissioner has said that the other stations have to become functional.
The police force requires our full support. I have asked that they replaced their expired system and programmes with new ones. We have to be current when tackling the problems we are facing. But I hope that we do not have to deal with another polemic debate; human rights.
To rob people including tourists is not good for our country which depends on tourism. To break into peoples’ houses is not a profession. We are looking at existing laws. We have to tackle these security issues by revisiting the laws and ensure that they apply. Next year there will be order and discipline in this country.”
The President said that in schools, the students who are not prepared to work hard to study then they will not meet the criteria for them to move ahead to the next level. “Now they finish S1 move into S2 and so forth until they complete all the levels and leave. With the amended regulations they will have to meet the criteria or stay stuck until they are ready to work hard to move ahead… Government is spending a lot of money on their education. They have to realise that and take the opportunity to learn. Make themselves and their parents proud. ..
Nowadays the police cannot enter the school premises to assist during an attack. This regulation was fit for 2004 when it was introduced as it was better times but not today when we have parents attacking teachers in schools. ..Parents must not feel that they are right to fight with teachers.
They should respect the teachers and the schools.”
With allegations that SPTC drivers wanted to protest too, the President said that the company has sat down with Finance to address the issues of the drivers. “This is what is important; to value the workers within an organisation. We should not encourage protests. When visitors will refuse to come to our country, who loses?” President Faure asked.
He has also called on politicians to act responsibly and he gave as example this 19 year old who came to see the President because she had applied for a house. “How can I encourage a 19 year-old to apply for a house when we have a list of older people who have been waiting for a long time. I had to take time to explain to her why at this age she cannot get a house.”