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President Faure, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Seychelles Defence Forces, responded to the Opposition Leader’s call to close down the army in this manner: “Article 162 of our Constitution says that there shall have a Defence Forces. The Constitution is supreme.”

However, he said that, in consultation with the defence council, he is considering the size of the army and its functions putting it in context with the difficulties of the present day. President Faure was basically informing the media that there will be reorganization or restructuring of the defence forces.
He further said that he believes that there is a need to establish a proper national intelligence agency and most probably the reorganization of the army will help put the resources to better use in this agency which will also be beneficial for the police force. Basically, the Defence Forces will provide Seychelles with a proper national intelligent unit and complement the work of the Seychelles Police Force to guarantee more safety of the country and people.