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President Faure answered questions concerning allegations of corruption by encouraging the individuals to present concrete evidence to the different authorities that have the mandate for this matter or bring the file containing evidence to his desk.

He said that he cannot work on rumours. There are authorities in place for these- he said that the Anti-Corruption Commission should be able to pronounce itself on the cases it has.  
If we recall the meeting held by the Leader of the Opposition in London, he gave the impression that he remains abreast of all the cases and even said that LDS would score a goal soon with one of these cases.
His statement undermined the professionalism and impartiality of this Commission however; we can say that  they have sent out only one press release. What was the motive? The National Assembly has given the impression that there is an ongoing case involving the IOT. We wait and see.
President Faure said that he believes in fairness and the process of investigation. He knows too that there has to be a level of discipline. He advocates all these but corruption should not just be talked about as myths or fables. It should be proven.
With regards to the Karunakaran case, the President said he has read the report. He is aware of the case before the Constitutional Court and after the case is over he will pronounce himself on the matter.
On  the issue of the cost of living, the President said  that  Government keeps doing its part and encourages the private sector to follow suit. However, when there is a decision taken in favour  of  the workers such as the 13th month salary, the businesses have to be taxed in  order  for Government to get the means to pass on to the employees.
 It is a vicious circle for when Government taxes the businesses they in turn elevate their costs. President Faure told the media to rest assure that  Government  knows that it has to carry on with its exercise to find ways and means to alleviate this problem.
He cited as example his recent visit to Mauritius to encourage both countries to collaborate; Seychelles would be able to buy in bulk with Mauritius and  both countries benefit with cheaper costs which is then passed on to the consumers.