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Prior to his press conference, an article was published in the daily Nation newspaper ranking Seychelles second on the Mo Ibrahim Index for Good Governance.

But President Faure said he was not satisfied. From sixth to a second place is not enough for a country with so much potential to come out first.
When he took office President Faure pronounced the three principles on which his Government will base its delivery- Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability. He firmly believes that Seychelles has the potential to top all the African countries and give competition to some countries in Europe- “this is our league’.
Seychelles has the best model of economy, has low rate of inflation, progressing well in terms of development in the social, business and offshore sectors. It has been able to provide a third month salary to the public and private sector employees.
It is breaking record in tourism arrivals. Infant mortality rate is the lowest in Africa and in some European countries. It is a champion in environment protection creating a balance between development and preservation. Despite new political climate- cohabitation, so far there is good cordiality and collaboration between the different partners. President Faure is right to say that our country should be competing in a league of only the best. A second place in the ratings is not bad but it is not what Seychelles is entitled.
Just as well, the three principles are the red line for public sector employees who have to understand that as civil servants there are dos and don’ts.
The National Assembly has been debating the budget allocations and freezing sums after sums for reasons best known to them. President Faure has said that public sector employees have to be prepared when appearing before  the Assembly- know the policies and prove to the MNAs how they intend to use their budget to put these policies into action.