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Thumbs up

1. To all NDEA agents who will have to transfer with the Police Force to continue the good work to keep our society drug-free.

2. To the technicians within the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Economic Planning working hard to prepare the budget for the National Assembly to approve.

3. To the drug rehabilitation on Praslin; so far this place is doing well.

Thumbs down

1. To cold-hearted individuals who are putting drug or chloroform in tissues to con shoppers pretending that they are selling perfumes. When a person smells the tissue he or she will be numbed and get robbed.

2. To those girls who are now consorting with muggers in the early hours in town. The girls using prostitution to stop transports and the thieves parked not far then attack the victim.
They are also throwing eggs to blur the car windows for them to attack the driver and steal. More now than ever, these muggers who are mostly drug addicts who need help.
There are not a lot of them, but as long as they remain dependent on drugs they will steal and now they are coming up with new ways of attacking people. Victoria has to remain safe.