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In a recent interview with “Today in Seychelles” LDS leader Roger Mancienne went as far as saying that the opposition will continue to ask President to step down and hold fresh presidential elections.

He was interviewed after Cabinet had given its approval to have Article 55 (1) of the Constitution amended. Such amendment is expected to be submitted to the national Assembly soon for consideration.
The proviso states “The Vice-President shall assume the office of the President for the unexpired term  of the President  for the unexpired term  of the President  with effect from the death, resignation  or removal from office.”
President James Michel was elected for a third and last term in December 2015 and nine months later- in October 2016 announced his resignation from the Presidency, to be succeeded by his Vice-President Danny Faure.
This was legal, constitutional and had nothing shady about it.  Furthermore, it is not unprecedented. In April 2004, then President France-Albert René handed over the Presidency to James Michel.
If it is the wish of the LDS to have the “pas baton” done away with, it can be done during the next presidential mandate and after the next elections.
If and when Article 55 (1) is repealed, it cannot be made retroactive. This Mancienne knows very well.
He was Wavel Ramkalawan’s school teacher. He was, we are told, the one to whom Rev Ramkalawan showed his sermon, before pronouncing it at St Paul’s Cathedral  in 1991, which set the stage for the launching of Parti Seselwa, now  SNP.
Yet, in spite of all that, Mancienne has always played “second fiddle“ to everyone in the party (Bouyon koko resofe).
He has never been in the National Assembly because he was never elected in any constituency. After three failed bids of Grand Anse Mahe, Mancienne was shifted to Mont Buxton in 2007. SNP ‘s candidate, the young Gerald Julie won  Mont Buxton in 2002 , but Mancienne lost yet again there.
He has since been in the shadows, though continued as Editor of “Regar”.  In three presidential elections; 1998, 2001 and 2006, Ramkalawan chose Annette Georges as his running mate. In 2011, young Nicolas Prea was selected and Mancienne was left “high and dry”.
It was only in 2015, that Mancienne stepped again into the limelight. That was after Ramkalawan had approached Ahmed Afif and been turned down, because his sympathies laid with Pat Pillay.
It was only then, that Ramkalawan turned to Mancienne- after 5 elections- to play “second fiddle”.
The results of the election were known. It was a tight race, with Parti Lepep pitted against a coalition of 5 political groupings.  The result was close, with PL winning by 193 votes. The result was contested in the Constitutional Court which threw out the opposition petition, having “no merit”.
LDS is so fond of court action.  To oust President Faure, we suggest they do as is customary and file a case before the Constitutional Court or organize a mass demonstration, which is also something they are fond of.
Hon Basil Hoareau informed LDS that President Faure will remain until 2025.