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17 NOVEMBER 2017

‘James Michel tussles with Jean Francois Ferrari’

‘Lami’ i fer komanter dan sa ‘lager lekel ki pou tire’ ki  “The  former  President of Seychelles has now decided that ‘enough is enough’ he said ; for one whole year he has endured insults and accusations from the LDS majority in the National Assembly, “Designed to smear my character and destroy my image”, Michel added. It is obvious that both Ramkalawan and Ferrari have it in for the former president; their grudges and venomous attitude stems from the fact that Michel amended the law after the 2012 national Assembly Elections that provided both Wavel and Ferrari with early retirement pension….Wavel was getting SR45,000 and JFF SR20.000…They have never forgotten or forgiven Michel.
They are now out to get him “by the hook or by crook” (by any means whatsoever). Jean-Francois knew exactly what he was doing…he was fully aware that Michel would not be about to touch him legally in any manner or form”. Annou ansanm vizit nou Konstitisyon:- Article 102 (1) (2) Privileges and immunities – (1) There shall be freedom of speech and debate in the National  Assembly and a member shall not be subject to the  jurisdiction of any court or to any proceedings whatsoever, other than in proceedings in the Assembly, when exercising those freedoms or performing the functions of a member in the Assembly.
 (2) Where  the National Assembly is in session an arrest shall not be effected against a member in a way which will interfere with the performance by the member of the functions of the member in the Assembly and, where proceedings are instituted against a member, the court or authority before which the proceeding are being conducted shall so conduct the proceedings as to allow the member to continue to perform the functions of the member in the Assembly.
E lalwa:- National Assembly (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act 3 - PART II - Privileges Of The Assembly And Its Officers – (3) There shall be freedom of speech and debate in the Assembly.
Such freedom of speech and debate shall not be liable to be questioned in any court or place outside the Assembly. (4) Civil or criminal proceedings may not be instituted against any member for words spoken before, or written in a report to, the Assembly or to a committee thereof or by reason of any matter or thing brought by the member therein by petition, Bill, resolution, motion or otherwise.
(5) For the duration of a meeting members shall enjoy freedom from arrest for any civil debt except a debt the contraction of which constitutes a criminal offence.
I kler akoz nou Manm Lasanble Nasyonal i bezwen sa proteksyon. Me i kler osi ki sa privilez pe ganny abize. But what to do??? Right of Reply in ganny ekzerse. Me kwa ankor??? Let us leave it at that parey manrmay i dir “Annou kit sa Ater!” To go by the saying of Wayne Dyer “How People Treat You Is Their Karma; How You React Is Yours.”



‘Budget 2018 for the Police Department “Safety has a cost”, says Commissioner of Police

We are told that “Despite Commissioner of Police Kishnan Labonte’s goodwill, increasing police presence and improving services in safety on Mahe,  Praslin,  and  La Digue will be challenging with a budget which he  says  is “not enough”.
Sa nou konpran, but whatever an allocated budget money is never enough. Me defi i reste pour nou sak endividi pour konplement bidze nou Lafors Lapolis avek nou vizilans ek nou lenformasyon. Annou servi nou kiltir ‘vey zaksyon’ dan en fason pozitiv ! Let us all be part and parcel of our small kanton kot nou reste. Pa zanmen oubliye ki nou sekirite i depan lo sekirite nou vwazen obor nou. Si fodre nou revwar nou lalwa Anti Terorist, Anti-Kriminalite annou fer li. Pou napa okenn plis devlopman ekonomik si napa sekirite, lape ek stabilite. Nou koman en sitwayen nou bezwen pran nou responsabilite avek determinasyon e san okenn lafreyer. The Time For Action is Now ! E sa i depan bokou lo nou koman en sitwayen.


“Like Birds let us leave behind what we don’t need to carry GRUDGES, SADNESS, PAIN, FEAR AND REGRETS. Life is Beautiful…Enjoy it”  

Rumi (Appear as you are. Be as you Appear)

“We the people shall rise up to the occasion in spite of all the odds! We are not down and out … don’t dare make that mistake!”


Lepep i Note, Lepep i kontinyen Note, nepli martir bann demagozi politik!


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