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What message was Pat Pillay trying to convey when he turned up in a red shirt to attend the Convention of “Linyon Demokratik Seselwa” (LDS) last Sunday ? That is the question everyone is currently asking.

By now we all know Pat Pillay to be a surprise package. No one can predict what he will do next. For example, he praised former President James Michel for being a visionary leader, but a few years later he opens up his own political party.
On a lighter note, despite being the Speaker of the National Assembly, he suddenly appears in Bazaar Victoria late at night with a bottle of Guinness in hand, to the surprise of everyone. The following morning on a Saturday, he turns up at the Victoria Market, eats some “black pudding” and throws the casing on the floor. It can still be remembered how he once presented himself for “Laserenad”  during Festival Kreol in one of the strangest attires and at a La Digue festival he pulled an ox-card to the delight of several ladies sitting inside, one of whom said “she enjoyed the ride- thanks to Minister Pillay.” At the time he was the Minister for Culture. So this is just how unpredictable and unconventional Pat Pillay is. But what was the point he was trying to make last Sunday in LDS Convention ? It is anyone’s guess, but what is certain is that Pat Pillay did not wear a red shirt to attend the Convention by mistake.
So, was he trying to convey the message that he has so much “grandeur d’esprit” and can ride above the issue of political colours ?  Or was he trying to show that he is the master of himself and nobody can dictate to him what he should do or wear ? Worse still, was he trying to test his status as the “joker” in LDS’s pack of cards ?  Was he challenging anyone in particular ?
Whatever his reasons were for wearing red at an event in which that particular colour is so much despised, is not something to take lightly. Pat Pillay can be a nerve-rattler and he did rattle nerves last Sunday. It is for sure. Someone in particular must not have been amused at all.  Now the person in question will have more sleepless nights in trying to figure out just who is who in LDS.