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Betty Fridly Brice, a resident of Hangard Street celebrated his 91st birthday anniversary on 31st August 2018.

He developed a career in the military since he was 16 years old and served as a soldier in the British army during the Second World War. Thereafter he worked at the US Tracking Station at La Misere. He is now  retired and is enjoying his old days in a housing unit recently built by the government in his native district.
What stands out in Mr. Brice’s personality, is that he was a man who believed in hard work since a teenager. To him the best thing that a man can do is work hard for his family no matter what goes on around him politically or otherwise. It is exactly what he did during the days when political parties were being formed in Seychelles.
He says that he has  always  supported the principles of S.P.U.P since France Albert Rene formed the political party in 1964. However eventhough  Mr Rene and his close colleagues went to all districts  across the country to explain their programme, he did not  necessarily attend those gatherings. He already understood exactly what they were trying to do in view of the conditions of life that prevailed in the country during those times. Instead he remained focused on his work in order to raise his family.   Originally he had 10 children but 2 have since passed way.
Mr. Brice believes that as a politician, former President Rene has done a lot for the country and now it is up to the young generations of Seychellois  to hold on to what the country has already achieved under his rule and look for ways to  improve on what has already been done.  As an elderly man, he reflects on his younger days with a sense of accomplishment. He has been an exemplary family man who believed in the right principles.