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New airport roundabout.

To ensure better flow of traffic around the airport area, SCAA and Department of Land Transport (DoLT) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOAS) on 27th April 2017 to assist each other in order to build a new roundabout at the Seychelles International Airport.
Furthermore, the airport roundabout project incorporated a new entrance and exit for the Seychelles International Airport that will improve the current traffic situation in and out of the airport during peak hours, with the aim of enhancing safety, security and improve traffic flow. Work on the internal road will start as of the 08th January. This will be done in two phases. Phase 2 which is more extensive will start in second quarter of 2018. This project will comprise of additional parking slots, improved flow of traffic and facilitating the introduction of the Pay Parking System. Works on the main round about was fully funded by SCAA costing the company 5 million rupees.


Austrian Airlines makes inaugural flight to Seychelles.

The Austrian Airlines landed in Seychelles for the first time on Thursday October 26th, with a total of 214 passengers on board on a Boeing 767. Austrian Airlines, which belongs to the Lufthansa Group, made Seychelles the fourth new destination that the airline has opened this year. It was observed that the growth rate of Austrian visitors compared to the same period of last year represents a 19% growth rate. Towards the end of 2017, we expect a growth rate of 40% on the Seychelles-Austria route.The airline fly to Seychelles once a week on Thursdays.

Part of a newly built domestic terminal become operational.

The first phase of a new Domestic Terminal was opened to members of the public in August.
This new fully air-conditioned facility caters for more domestic traffic as well as providing enhanced comfort for passengers. On the ground floor of the two- storey building are six Air Seychelles check in counters, destination management companies’ desks. Seats are also available for passengers waiting for check in. Also on this floor are new arrival and departure lounges, washrooms, souvenir shop and at a later stage new food and beverages areas. The first floor has operational offices and will eventually have a new CIP Lounge. Next year the second phase of the Domestic Terminal will be completed hosting a new arrival lounge and other modern facilities.



Record breaking number of visitors to Seychelles.

By November this year a total of 303299 visitors arrived in Seychelles by an aircraft, breaking the last year’s record which was 302288 recorded in December last year.

New Food and Beverage outlets open at the airport.

Two new international branded F&B’s have opened their doors to the travelling public at the airport. One is a state of the art coffee shop at the new domestic terminal; The Coffee Club, and the second one is a Burger King outlet, the very first one in Seychelles. These two brands will bring additional choices to the travelling public and enhanced customer services.

British Airways, Air France and Edelweiss air announce non-stop flights to Seychelles.

European Airlines; British Airways, Air France and Edelweiss Air have recently announced their intention to fly to Seychelles as of next year.
Air France and British Airways are well anticipated, as they will be making their return to Seychelles, the two airlines are much loved by the Seychellois public. British Airways will operate its two flights a week as from March 2018 departing from London Heathrow. Whereas, Air France will be operating scheduled flights to our tropical islands from the Paris Charles Gaulle airport as from May 5, 2018, using its new sister airline ‘Joon.’
Edelweiss Air will be connecting Seychelles with Switzerland, beginning on September 22nd 2018. It will depart Zurich, on Saturdays at 0720 hrs, and departing Seychelles later on the same day at 2305hrs, using one of its Airbus A340-300.

Air Seychelles progress and challenges.

It has been a choppy year for the national airline, in spite of starting the year by recording a strong first quarter of 2017 by carrying 143,761 passengers, representing an increase of 12.4 per cent over the results achieved during the same period in 2016 (127,923 passengers). Air Seychelles expanded its network, to Durban in South Africa and Dusseldorf in Germany, which had to be suspended a few months later as a reason of being ‘unsustainable’. The airline had to also suspend its services to Madagascar as a result of the ongoing plague epidemic there.
In spite of all odds Air Seychelles brought home a new Twin Otter aircraft servicing its increasingly popular domestic route, the airline also clinches four international awards earlier this year, and one local award for innovation last weekend.
It is expected that the airline will undergo restructuring in the coming days and that a new CEO is appointed.