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LDS is in a mess right now and we doubt if Roger Mancienne will be able to put things back in order.

“We want Wavel out” says LDS MNAs.

Let us start with a conversation between an LDS MNA from a town district speaking privately on social media about Wavel’s anger towards him and another two of his female colleagues who did not agree with dicussions to amend the constitution regarding their pension. They claim that Wavel will be earning Rs57, 000 after one term and they say he does not deserve it. They ended their conversation by saying that they want Wavel out of the Assembly.

Former SNPs backbiting Pat Pillay.

Of all people, Wavel knows that ‘The People’ never tells a lie about them. It is why he gets mad and raises our publication in the Assembly. Poor guy! At his age he should not take on any additional pressure that can damage his health. Some former SNPs are seriously backbiting Pat Pillay claiming that he sides with President Faure and Parti Lepep. They even say that Pat Pillay is not running the Assembly Secretariat well and that he puts in personal life above his profession.

Ahmed’s wife Stella is not making it any easier.

Yeah we have heard about the success of a man depending largely on the support he gets from his loving wife, but is Stella making it any easier for Ahmed? In the past the opposition newspapers have criticized the PL MNAs that they should deliver 100% to the people and they should not complain about salary, and the pressure of the work. Yet we read the following on social media.

Daniel Cesar is that an accusation?

What is going on at the National Assembly? Break in to steal documents or set up to blame others?

Hon. Pay up!

An LDS MNA in a west Mahe district could not get out of a brawl when the staff working for him insulted him and demanded that he pays him his dues. Residents at Quatre Bornes had a laugh at this dude who calls himself Honourable who could not even defend himself under attack by one of his own.

The priest said a bad word.

MNAs last week were not surprised but felt disgusted at the priest in the Assembly who said a very bad word. He knows that the Assembly is aired live and children are listening. He should refrain from swearing and when he cannot put up with the pressure from PL he should excuse himself and go to the bathroom. Hon. Hoareau has a right to speak and the priest should have hushed and listened.