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    12 MAY 2017

‘No politicians on the truth and reconciliation panel’ Contributed by Barry Laine

Laport in ouver e ‘Klib Lipokrizi’ i kontinyen agrandi. We are better able today to separate man from kids! Msye Laine ki pe fer sir ‘No politicians on  that panel’ i krwar ki Lepep Seselwa in oubliye ki li osi i en ‘declared politisyen’ (Parti Politik ICUS). I dir nou ki “If you were at ICCS last Sunday you would have experienced how 40 years after Coup D’état the pain is still in our people.
The tears and emotions cut through the air as we tried to hold a meeting just to discuss how we move forward. My message to those involved is:this is not the time to manoeuvre the process in your favour, this is the time to take care of our people who have suffered under the one party state and it is a shame that James Michel had the nerve to stand up and say he was not repentant on his role in the Coup D’état.
This was a shameful statement which he should retract and humble himself in front of the people who trusted him but he let them down. We saw people crying real tears 40 years after the Coup D’état because the government in power did not return  the country to normality after Mancham had been deposed instead the victimisation and intimidation continued for 40 years under 2 Presidents; René and Michel.”
Msye Laine, en zonm oubyen en fanm ki pran en desizyon dan son lavi e apre egzekit sa desizyon i merit annan kouraz pour debout e defann sa desizyon!
As a student of history, politics and economics, I stand up and tell you that you have to delve into the past and study the historical dynamics of our society pre 1977 to understood and appreciate the inevitability of Mr. Albert René take over.
You make mention of ‘our people who have suffered under the one party state’, but you neglect the transformation of our society and the benefits to the majority of the people under the one party state. Gradually Mr. Laine, the raison-d’être behind your battle-cry ‘compensation, who’s going to pay?’ will be better understand.
One thing the late President Mancham taught us – “Always look at the bigger picture” is useful today like it was yesterday. Remember Mr. Laine why Britain is richer than many countries. This is “because in 1688, Britain (or England, to be exact) had a revolution that transformed the politics and thus the economics of the nation. People fought for and won more political rights, and they used them to expand their economic opportunities.
The result was fundamentally different political and economic trajectory, culminating in the Industrial Revolution.”–(Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson; Why Nations Fail).

    12 MAY 2017

‘Letter to the editor – Lepep I Note’

Finalman ‘Kouzen Lami’ nou wvar en let ki paret in ganny ekrir par Editor to the Editor! Me ki kantmenm enteresan. Akfer ki en siporter Parti Lepep i bezwen ouvertman vizit biro LDS??? En kestyon en milyon Roupi! Nou Lamazorite Kreol Seselwa, konsyan nou pase istorik, we have been able to heal the negative image of our past and have therefore refused to live our life under the shadow of pretence.
We have accepted who we are as Kreol Seselwa, woken up, shook off the dust and moved on! You know ‘Kouzen Lami; we should not allow circumstances to bring the ‘beast’ out of us rather we should be graceful enough to allow circumstances to bring the ‘best’ out of us!
I see only one hope for our country ‘Kouzen Lami’, that is when nou tou ansanm fanm ek zonm Kreol Seselwa, desiring neither power nor money, but desiring only the good of our country, come together to work for it.
The sadness in my heart today ‘Kouzen Lami’ is that when Parti Lepep supporters have turned to loving, many of the opposition supporters have turned to hating! Sa i sa lafreyer vre ki’n anglouti nou pei ozordi!!!


“Where we are planted in the world is beyond our control, and we need not worry or be concerned too much about that. The one thing that should concern us more is what kind of fruits we can bring forth from where we are planted. We don’t choose our families but we can choose our destinies. What matters in life is not really where we are now rather the direction we are heading into.”

Pepe Minambo

“We the people shall rise up to the occasion in spite of all the odds! We are not down and out … don’t dare make that mistake!”


Lepep i Note, Lepep i kontinyen Note, nepli martir bann demagozi politik!


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