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‘What the National Assembly Cannot do’ By Wavel Ramkalawan

‘Mon bann zanmi’ i dir nou ki “During the last two weeks, the National Assembly debated a motion that I put to the House making a request to the President for him to step down so that fresh elections could be organised.” So ‘Mon bann zanmi’ this is what the National Assembly 15 lo 10 can do – Attempting a ‘Constitutional Coup d’état’.
Kwa ankor ki National Assembly can do, but should not have been done. Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan cum the priest who recently used the platform of the National Assembly and abused  his privilege as Leader of the Opposition (LOTO) to disrespect his own Bishop – this was very bad taste and completely out of order. This is simply what the National Assembly should never have done. Another glaring example of what the National Assembly should not have done – table the only Private Member’s Bill amending the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation; and who has benefited from those amendments??? Pou ‘Too Much’ si nou koze; zis poz sa lanmenm ater! What the National Assembly 15 lo 10 can do but has not done so far se anmenn en Private Member’s Bill pour met plis larzan dan pos Seselwa parey zot ti promet! Finalman what the National Assembly 15 lo 10 is Doing but should not continue doing – se servi zot privilez pour maltret serten sitwayen Seselwa ki pa ni en bar dan zot larou!

    05 OCTOBER 2018

‘My rights have been violated’

Nou ganny dir dan sa lartik ki “Mrs Amesbury feels the discrimination is entirely political with no justification under the constitution.” Sa dan limenm en gran kontradiksyon ‘Kouzen Lami’ ler nou konnen lekel bann manm CAA-(Constitutional Appointments Authority). Well, well we believe it is a similar case as described by Alan Paton in his book Cry, the Beloved Country – “He turned to the door, but it was locked and bolted. Brother had shut out brother, from the same womb had they come!!!”

    FRIDAY 12 OCTOBER 2018

‘Let’s celebrate our girls’

‘Zanmi pros mon bann zanmi’ i dir nou ki ‘A lot may argue that in Seychelles, girls are already empowered and may be too empowered. It has been proven that girls are doing better at school, girls are now working in all sectors of the economy, even those once revered as male dominated, girls have the world at their feet because there are no obstacles stopping them from achieving whatever they put their minds to.’
Be sa pa ti anpes en LDS MNA pour ensilte e imilye nou bann fiy ler i fer en deklarasyon dan Lasanble 15 lo 10 ki “OUR GIRLS ARE FAILING EXAMS, BUT PASSING PREGNANCY TESTS.” Tousala zot dir akoz zot pa kapab aret bawawa!!! Me fizi in pete e bal in ale ‘Zanmi pros mon bann zanmi’; LDS napa rezon pour demann nou alor to let’s celebrate our girls.


“…Mieux valait un échec qu’un évitement. Mieux valait faire progresser les esprits par un débat que de les figer par un silence. Mieux valait une intention contrariée qu’une habileté incomprise. C’est encore une leçon du pouvoir : les convictions doivent prévaloir là où seule la volonté compte et où aucune contrainte économique ou financière et encore moins extérieure, ne nous empêche d’agir. A être trop raisonnable, on ne fait pas toujours avancer la raison”

“We the people shall rise up to the occasion in spite of all the odds! We are not down and out … don’t dare make that mistake!”


Lepep i Note, Lepep i kontinyen Note, nepli martir bann demagozi politik!


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