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Yesterday, Thursday 14th March, President Danny Faure gave his first Press Conference for this year to answer questions by journalists from the various local media houses.

The questions put to the President covered issues of national interest, as well as those of special interest to the journalists personally, or their media house, to seek clarification from the Head of State and to keep the general public informed about the work Government is doing under the leadership of the incumbent President.

The dust from his 2019 State of the Nation Address (SONA) has barely settled so, as could be expected, the most topical issues raised with the President included issues mentioned in the President’s SONA such as alcohol, drugs, housing projects, Government’s subsidy for Air Seychelles, the number of expatriates in the local workforce, amongst others. Likewise, some of the questions put to the President emanated from the National Assembly’s debate on the President’s SONA.
President Faure accepted that building 24 houses in 24 districts in 24 months was an ambitious, indeed. However, we need to appreciate that the aim is to address the housing problem faced by our people in the districts. On the subject of housing, the President also stressed that there is a need for our citizens to understand Government’s objectives and for better communication among partners for projects of national proportion.
In the wake of the late President France Albert René, founder of SPUP/SPPF, which evolved into Parti Lepep and more recently, United Seychelles, it must have been heartening for the public to hear President Faure pronounce himself on his claim that he was a child of SPUP (“En zanfan SPUP”). On this note, he reiterated that he is inspired by and remains faithful to SPUP/SPPF ideals, particularly as regards to the fundamental principles of social justice, equality in opportunity and maintenance of our people’s dignity through social programmes.
It is no secret that the late President René was a mentor and role model for President Faure. In view that he is known to have spent some private moments with President René during his last days, President Faure was asked about the late President’s René’s wish for the future of Seychelles and the Seychellois people, to which President Faure responded that President René’s wish during his last days was for us to remain united. “Unity and solidarity was his biggest and last wish for us as a nation,” he said.
President Faure also affirmed that he will continue with the struggle, for Seychelles and for the good of the Seychellois people.
Faced with an onslaught of negativity and false accusations from the opposition MNAs in the National Assembly following his SONA, President Faure expressed his sadness that LDS failed to appreciate the hard work done by the President Faure’s administration under a lot of pressure, particularly due to their heavy workload and the shortage of Ministers as a result of the LDS majority in the National Assembly refusing to approve the nomination of three Ministers.


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