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Last Saturday’s Extraordinary Congress approved a new Constitution, name and logo.

Monday morning the new name and logo were registered at the Electoral Commission replacing Parti Lepep which has existed since 2009, and it has basically served its purpose in building a new economy for Seychelles.
It followed SPPF which laid the foundation for development, after it took over from SPUP- the founder which led the struggle for the independence of Seychelles.
United Seychelles (US) is still the same political group that charted the way for a new liberated Seychelles. United Seychelles will keep on developing this country, protecting and safeguarding it for future generations to come.
41 successful years for Seychelles, all happened because our party put Seychellois first, by allowing them to take the wheels, to pursue the destiny of their motherland.
54 years later, we still have structures in place in the districts to provide opportunities to those who want to express themselves, and make suggestions to benefit the party and country. We are opened with the press. The workers’ Union is available for all Seychellois workers.
We still have the Youth, Women and Veterans organisations and soon we shall have a Men’s committee. During those 54 years, we have not been perfect. This new movement will not be perfect either. But we will follow the principles of transparency, good governance and accountability established by President Danny Faure. We will be guided by the new Constitution.

A new vision

“We know when to hand over power, when to re-evaluate our principles and values, when to realign with the fundamental principles and reflect the aspirations of this new generation.
We are grateful to those who were part of the struggle, those who worked hard, and history will always recognise their contribution because history cannot be erased. Our new movement will never forget their sacrifices.
Our message to all Seychellois is simple. United Seychelles represents a vision for this new epoch. A vision of unity and inclusivity where every Seychellois can contribute towards the progress of Seychelles.
Our new Constitution contains our values. United Seychelles believes firmly that Seychelles has to always be first. The unity of the Seychellois people is sacred; it is anchored in the new Constitution that the unity of our people, in all its diversity, is necessary for the advancement of our country.
United Seychelles believes in the participation of our citizens in the development of the country, it is the people who are leading this democratic society of ours, where the human right of every Seychellois is guaranteed.
United Seychelles will also honour another great principle which we struggled for when we liberated Seychelles. It is us who have always safeguarded the integrity of our sovereignty. It is us who have always protected the territory of our country.
Last but not least, our Constitution has put in place mechanisms to ensure the good governance of our movement.
Our Code of Ethics will demand appropriate comportment of our members who are given responsibility to make certain they are responsible and committed, honest and have integrity, and always be accountable.
We are not offering the people of Seychelles with a new political party, but we are offering them a new vision.”

Mr. Vincent Meriton.


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