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LDS has been having a good time at our expense, humiliating and denigrating anyone and anything affiliated to Parti Lepep;

while this party has been reviewing its past actions and omissions ascertaining itself to the objectives it has at hand.

This was done in consultation with our grassroots leaders and other stakeholders and, even members. There were agreements and disagreements while reviewing any errors committed, and deciding what had to be kept, no matter what.
The time has come for Parti Lepep to change the chapter of this great journey that begun on 2nd June 1964 on Seychelles soil. One more step, aimed at overcoming its challenges and rebuilding on its foundation to become stronger and more relevant to the present and future political climate.
We have admitted that as a political party we were weakened when Presidential Elections 2015 went into a second round, and we lost the National Assembly elections.
It was therefore clear that if as a party we were to remain the same; having the same tendencies, we would obtain the same results. So, we decided to build on what were good and, right the wrongs, to make the changes, real changes that will bring prosperity for the party and Seychelles.
We listened, and listened well. We agreed to action the proposals that sounded appropriate for Seychelles. Everybody had a suggestion to make. Most importantly, everybody agreed that we had to act bold in order to shift the direction and target the destination we were after. In other words, we did not agree to shift the direction only to avoid future storms; we also agreed to changes that would take us closer to our goals.
Now we are reformed and reorganised, and much stronger than before.
As was told at the Extraordinary Congress last Saturday when announcing the new name to participants, the new roadmap, which the party has agreed upon will be improved with love and compassion that we have for each other, to push aside any resentment that may have engulfed the heart of a few.
More now than ever in the history of our country, we need unity. We need to come together. We need a united Seychelles for one destiny, one vision, one nation and one Seychelles.
The five colours in the logo represent the Seychellois nation, the unity as a people and the dignity of every Seychellois. The colours symbolize the fusion and unification of a nation. The red colour will always signify the struggle, courage, determination and hard work of our party for Seychelles. The tick wrapping together the five colours represents the tick we give Seychelles. Yes for Seychelles- A harmonized and unified country.
United Seychelles, Seychelles United, is a spirited and determined team ready to rebuff this culture of hate and vengeance that is detrimental to our country and people.
We have built a legacy over the past 40 years. Our legacy, in spite of the challenges it continues to face, represents our accomplishments as a nation. United Seychelles born from SPUP, SPPF and Parti Lepep, has new hopes but the same objective- unify every woman, man and child to build the new Seychelles, a United Seychelles.


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