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If you like the direction this country is on, then, what’s stopping you from supporting the person responsible for keeping the country on top? In such a challenging time,

he makes our life a little bit more wonderful. Better things are coming our way; we only have to hang in there.

In 5 years, Seychelles registered more progress than any other country, according to Bretton Wood’s World Bank. Seychelles is breaking record in foreign exchange earnings. Its rankings in the social sector are improving.
The principles of Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability are also upping this country’s position in the region.
The 2019 budget has been drawn up in such a way that would allow every Seychellois to feel the benefits of this growth, including the private sector. As a people, we are moving ahead, winning TOGETHER.
President Danny Faure believes that hard work and unity is the only way forward if Seychelles is to uphold its past and present successes, visualize and work towards more, especially in the social and private sectors. We support one another. Budget 2019 has included everyone, in particular the less fortunate.
The country is distributing its wealth among the population. The world is prouder of Seychelles.
Isn’t that justifiable reason for Seychellois to say enough is enough to any hopeless attempt by LDS to put pressure on President Faure to call for early elections? Not only the president, but our country does not deserve to be stalled by any distraction or unnecessary hassles. Two years into the presidential elections, is the country ready to spend millions in needless elections only to please the opposition’s insatiable thirst for power?
Since the 2015 and 2016 elections, LDS has not stopped propagating violent messages. Rather than end this immoral crusade and give a helping hand to restore where they have left, LDS does the worse.
It sends a negative message to visitors to our country. Pointless streets protests in a small country like Seychelles are damaging to the tourism industry- the country’s main economic pillar. If LDS is not careful, it will harm many businesses in that particular sector. In fact, many people, as a precaution, avoided going to town last Saturday. Shopkeepers noticed a lack of customers.
President Faure is constructing a positive environment for each and every one of us, while LDS keeps showing the people that it would be a mistake to put them in charge.
Why should any Seychellois join the LDS bandwagon in the streets and allow himself to be deceived or taken advantaged of?
A clueless Roger Mancienne has admitted in his interview with ‘Today’ that “putting pressure on him (President) is the only thing we (LDS) can do.” This means that LDS is prepared to jeopardise the peace, stability and progress of the country to satisfy the repulsive ambition of  Wavel Ramkalawan who is not intelligent enough to see that he is showing his weaknesses as a so-called political leader.
He has failed in every attempt, and not just failing to become president in six elections, but in two years as Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, that he has now resorted to street protests.  Now he is walking towards failure!

Wavel Ramkalawan has become a laughing stock!

The man is too desperate to become president, while he becomes richer and exerts his arrogance and nastiness on the population. He needs to re-set his moral compass to become a role model and not have a ‘rogue’ mentality to lead protests.  
Saturday he led a group of opposition supporters in the streets of Victoria, in the rain, to put pressure on the president to call for elections. Wavel has become so pathetic that he embarrasses everyone around him. Any person in the right mind will not be influenced by this priest.
300 or less people were far from an impressive crowd, covering a space of less than 20 metres from Jivan Complex to the Deepam Cinema, shouting negative messages in the streets of a country that is doing remarkably well! Wavel is such a douchebag for using people like that.
LDS even failed to convince recovering addicts at Les Mamelles to join them. These people know that their priority every day is their methadone treatment so that they can get better and live a normal and decent life. They should avoid getting caught in the idiocy of LDS, who by the way boycotted this programme and said that government should make them pay for their medication.
What’s gone low in the two years with LDS in majority in the National Assembly? Their uncivility.
They want to protest and boycott, we shall see how bold they are with the budget. If they approve the budget, the Executive under the leadership of President Danny Rollen Faure will make stride as he brings ease into the life of every Seychellois in 2019. If they vote against or block the budget, LDS will disappoint the people.
LDS, taking orders from a record-holder in  failure, is stuck between  a rock and a hard place.


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