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In his budget reply speech, the Leader of Government Business Charles de Commarmond dedicated the first component of his speech to reply to a confused and disillusioned Wavel Ramkalawan.

LGB de Commarmond said that “talk is cheap’, after the Leader of the Opposition (LOTO) has read a litany of problems that ironically sprung from some of the decisions made by LDS during that 2 years they’ve been in the National Assembly. De Commarmond wanted to know what alternative plan and budget LDS has to offer. “A total confusion”, exclaimed the LGB, to the speech which Ramkalawan had said will characterize the speeches of his colleagues.
De Commarmond reminded Ramkalawan that Parti Lepep never campaigned to balance the House, and since they did, then they should fulfill their promises to work and not always lament about problems that they cannot solve but rely on the Executive led by President Danny Faure. “The President is working,” emphasized de Commarmond, who echoed to Wavel Ramkalawan that LDS only knows how to boycott, block, freeze, protest and attempt constitutional coup d’etat.
De Commarmond was right; it is time that LDS stop the talk. Parti Lepep has a lot to show for after 40 years in government, building this country, from a third world to High Income, turning it into a model economy for the world, advocated by prestigious organisations such as IMF and World Bank. People should not be blindfolded by LDS’ extremism and their political game to gain power.
The Executive has prepared a very good budget that will benefit Seychellois across the board. LGB de Commarmond reiterated that and he lengthily spoke about the different allocations for several sectors such as housing, education, health, social and also the private sector. He dedicated a great part of his speech to the announcement that more development in housing will alleviate the sufferings of those still in need of a decent house, also the different incentives that will increase the salaries of the workers in the public sector.
He has welcomed the fact that the budget shows that the Executive has reached a point where, after harvesting, it is now distributing the wealth collected through different means such as tax collection.
It should be noted that President Faure is doing that ONLY two years into his mandate.
LGB de Commarmond also went over the indexes as mentioned by the Finance Minister that show growth in the economic sector, including the reserve of US$555 million in Central Bank.
“This budget, which totals more than Rs8 billion, is the result of the hard work of everyone. If the economic reform has been a success, it is largely thanks to the resilience and determination of the people of Seychelles.
Budget 2019 is one where we see the outcomes of the sacrifices we have made together, as a nation, and so we collect together. It is a very good budget for Seychelles and the Seychellois people, on this side of the table we approve this budget,” said Charles de Commarmond, the Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly.


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