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President Danny Faure has said he is more determined than ever to continue working for the Seychellois people and complete mandate.

Responding to a question asked at the start of his third press conference last night,  President Faure said Seychelles is a democratic country and there must be respect  for the frequency of elections.
He noted that the calendar for the presidential election is every five years, which means the next one is due in 2020.  The  question is linked to a motion tabled in the LDS- dominated National Assembly calling for his resignation, because according to  its author, Opposition Leader Wavel  Ramkalawan, the executive is not performing and state structures are weak.
The motion is still to be debated.
President Faure said he knows the Seychelles Constitution very well and does not need, lectures from anyone.
“I  know the circumstances whereby a President must resign. I also know that the Assembly can vote to dissolve itself. The President can also dissolve the Assembly,” he added.
President Faure  recalled that he had said at an earlier press conference to “let  Danny work and complete his mandate.” He said the country is in good hands. The economic indicators, which shall soon be confirmed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will show that very well.
“Within the past year- September 2017 to September this year, over $ 400 million has been earned  by the national economy, thanks to the work of everyone of us. Not everything is rosy. There are difficulties. But, there has been a  lot of goodwill.”
He went  on: “We cannot fast track elections. There is no need for instability, nor uncertainty. As long as I am there, I shall work hard to complete my mandate.” Earlier, President Faure was asked about his “leadership style”.
He said that since taking over the Presidency nearly two years ago, he he has been working for all Seychellois without exception. He recalled that his pledge was to unite the people, not divide it. He has not sought to thrive on fustrations, but  always tried to obtain concensus, though at times this has been difficult. “I have tried to create space for everyone to grow. I believe in strong institutions.”
President Faure said that he has tried to engage everyone, even if  if he knew many things are said about him.
“My style  is not to stoop low on cheap politics.”
Responding to another  question, President Faure said that if he were to speak about the achievements of the past two years, that would take a whole week. He however announced that a publication will be issued containing some of the most remarkable achievements.

Consensus on Coastguard Facility at Assumption.

President Faure last night also announced that he has had two working  sessions with National Assembly’s Committtee on Defence and Security and strongly believes there is a consensus  about the need for a Coastguard facility on Assumption Island.
He said  the command of the Defence Forces are also involved in the consultations  and the size of facility has yet to be agreed upon.
President Faure said that while he hopes the discussions will be concluded by the end of the year, India is on standby with a grant.  The facility, will however be managed by the Seychelles Coastguards.
On economic assistance from India and China, President Faure said that in both instances, these were still very significant.
He said  China and India are both strong economic partners and dismissed suggestions that one was being favoured at the expense of the other or the relations Seychelles has with India, is not accepted by the Chinese.
‘People’ shall cover other topics that came up during this press conference in its next edition.


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