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The Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Wavel Ramkalawan has very loudly and clearly said that he is against the citizenship granted by President Faure to six people

whom the president described as exemplary leaders and an inspiration to the people whose lives they touch every day in their communities.

President Faure granted these citizenships in May last year in accordance to Article 5(1) of the Amended Citizenship Act 1994.  They were Sister Marie Alice Vivien, Father Landry Mukoko Maketa, Father Pierre Madiela, Father Louison Emerick Bissila, Father Guy Inkumene and Bishop James Wong.
Ramkalawan said he is against these citizenships including that of his own Bishop.
Ramkalawan who is an Anglican Priest boycotts the citizenship of his own Bishop live on SBC television and radio. In a way he has demeaned Bishop Wong giving the impression that he is not deserving of the Seychelles’ citizenship. He also said that he will vote on a motion, if necessary, to revoke El Materi’s citizenship.
Ramkalawan also turned on the Indians who recently celebrated the anniversary of the settlement of the first five Indians to Seychelles. “I am against this celebration,” he said. How hypocritical of Ramkalawan who visited Bihar in search of his ancestors. Ramkalawan is a good friend of the Indian Ambassador and several Indian businessmen. Ramkalawan wrote a letter in Tamil soliciting the support of Indians in elections 2015 and 2016.
Pressured by interviews of his opponents in the opposition and articles in newspapers, he turns on six innocent people, Mr. El Materi  and the Indian community.
LOTO should be advised not to dig his hole too deep.


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