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Whether some like it or not President Danny Faure is wining the admiration and respect of the Seychellois people. He is making headway in the crowd, attracting new followers.

When he was given the wheels of the country, Seychelles had just gone through two historical elections and was in cohabitation. He delivered his maiden speech at State House on October 16, 2016 which was characterized by his political conviction and the principles and values he has adopted with SPUP and SPPF. The same were outlined in his second speech on October 18, in the National Assembly and his third address he laid down the guiding principles to ensure success in Government delivery and to prevent any act of corruption or dishonesty by public servants. By then, he had made some changes in Government and appointed new faces on the Boards that oversee the work of different organisations and agencies. What was important to him was to appoint people who are qualified for the job or people who have the potential to deliver in these posts, irrespective of their political affiliation.
To make the matter simpler, President Faure who was the Secretary-General of Parti Lepep took a bold decision not to stand as president of the party in elections held in June during Parti Lepep’s 31st Congress, which elected a new president and Central Committee.
President Faure said that he wanted to work for Seychelles and every Seychellois and therefore affiliating himself to a position in his party would compromise his mission as president of the country and simply he would not be trusted by Seychellois that he was sincere as clearly the country had been divided following two elections, one in 2015 and 2016. These elections saw the creation of Lalyans Seselwa which some former ministers founded to oust Parti Lepep, that after they had retired as ministers after so many years in this position and having benefitted immensely. After having manipulated some Parti Lepep supporters to join them Lalyans Seselwa joined the rest of the opposition parties to become a movement. Lalyans Seselwa adopted a song in their campaign ‘pil lo li’ and these cruel and violent lyrics went viral among opposition supporters- including children. Its consequences is nothing to be desired especially after those politicians have polluted the minds and behavior of school children who are now attacking their teachers, disrespecting their parents and indulging in activities that denigrate their innocence as children such as violence, drugs and alcohol. These scenes are often captured and circulated on the social media.
President Faure had to take decisions to mend the damages caused by the opposition, even if it meant abandoning a leadership position in his party. This is what sets the opposition politicians apart from Parti Lepep. The latter always makes the sacrifice when the need arise.
Every person has got his political and religious conviction. So, President Faure remains a Parti Lepep member, a good Christian but as President of the Republic of Seychelles he is working for his country. After what has happened last year it would be impossible for any president to put the country first if he remains the leader of a political party. Throughout 2016 and 2017, the opposition turned everything political, which has to stop as it is not good for Seychelles- a peace loving country considered a paradise to visitors which the country largely depend upon.
Last year has developed in people especially in Parti Lepep a determination to work to protect Seychellois from the greediness of the opposition politicians who are seeing this time as their moment to grab on to every opportunity and ‘suck the life’ out of the people and country for them to personally benefit.
President Faure’s role model has always been Mr. France Albert René, who was his mentor when he joined the party at the age of 16. He has great respect for Mr. James Alix Michel who was his colleague in Government for many years and he has worked alongside Mr. Michel as his Vice-President.  He admires their work to bring Seychelles to what it is today. President Faure has always respected his elders.
It is said that when you’re looking for leadership you don’t have to always look to the front. Mr. Michel turned around to his Vice-President and he realized that just like with him, great leadership starts out in the back. Opportunities move you along. Unlike his opponents, who want to move faster than their mind, their emotions are ready to handle, President Faure knows that with leadership you cannot mess around with it, or you lose it.
He comes from an ordinary place, a humble beginning and he is now dealing with ordinary issues, such the vulnerability of our youths whose life are trapped in drugs and engaging in crimes like robbery, individuals who are unemployed, and those who have no place to call home.
He knows he has to go the extra mile and this means that as a leader he is asking for trouble. More have been placed in his hands. President Faure knows that new levels bring more opportunities and also more devils. Moving up means more problem, but the man who has been privileged to experience two great leaderships, who have studied politics, mixed with people and live a simple life also know that there is a magical thing about life; when in life you get opposition or oppression, harassment and turmoil, you feel the pressure but you do not break. It is how you are ready to go to the next level.
That who cannot handle the pressure and turn to arrogance and are disrespectful leaders, their life is moving faster than their destiny. Especially when they are faced with resistance, they refuse to move in one step, they want to take the elevator, and they cannot handle the pressure. Like crabs in a bucket they pull each other down. If one cannot have, so will not the other ones.
President Faure is moving along in steps, stages, not too fast.  
He is doing something that has never been done before. He is doing something new. He is leading the country in a situation of cohabitation. It was normal for people to reject his decisions at first. But leaders have to be the voice of reasons. He cannot become emotional when he has been entrusted with a situation to fix. You lose the fight when you get too angry. You lose the fight when you lose your focus. President Danny Faure is not a leader but the leader.  He sees 360. He is a 360 degree thinker. 360 thinking is a way to maximize success and minimize failure.
He knew since the beginning that he will encounter controversy not just from the outside but also from the people he is trying to help. In fact, in life the people you are trying to help the most, fight you the most. They fight you when you build. The battle has started for him because Danny Faure is building.
Mr. Danny Faure will remain a man who has values. A man who believes in the ideologies established by SPUP because it ensures that every person is equal and must be entitled to every opportunity the country offers its people. He believes in second chances. He upholds every principle established by SPUP; to give free health and education, employment, housing, social welfare, and to see the country develop to the maximum in tourism, agriculture, fisheries, business, and he wants Seychelles to remain friend to all and enemy to none. He wants Seychelles to be a society where its people uphold social values, such as respect and politeness, work hard, enjoy a good life, live in peace and harmony.
A leader at the controls of the country who is intelligent and wise, who is brave, tenacious and determined to succeed, attracts more followers than enemies. We have all seen one of his opponents stands with placard in the streets asking him to resign. We have all heard their journalists ask him to resign. Danny Faure is a man who has the people as priority and the people admires his determination. He has to reject whims and greediness. Seychellois are equal in this country, whether you are a politician or an ordinary citizen, although some people have to take it upon themselves to rise up to the opportunities that are made available to them. The opposition has themselves said there is no such thing as an ordinary Seychellois. If all of us are extraordinary then why aim bullets at President Danny Faure at any given chances? Let the man work and accomplish for Seychelles and Seychellois. Let him take difficult decisions as long as it addresses the issues that present themselves as challenges to our nation. He is not causing harm to anyone. Some decisions that he has to take are tough but it doesn’t deduct from the life of anyone. President Faure is a patient man, who will get what he wants for Seychelles and Seychellois in the end.
What does he want?
He wants to see a prosperous country, a people who are united and individually or as a family thriving towards success. He wants politicians to respect the people and accept that they are not special but servants of the people. They have been put in positions to make a difference for others not for them. They cannot sit on their throne and feel almightier than thou. They cannot hide behind arrogance and selfishness. They cannot pretend to be good people only to win elections.
Seychelles, with President Faure is on the right path. The man is focused. He has learned- he knows about the success and also the errors committed by his party and Government. He knows that throughout 40 years it would have been impossible to have a perfect Government and in 53 years a perfect political party. Parti Lepep, unlike political parties in the opposition, has sincerity and loyalty. The people are always and will always be its main concern, no matter what. Government is also people-centred. It is the reason why in 1964 a decision was taken to lead a struggle to seek independence, to give Seychellois an identity and dignity, and a decision was taken later to build the country. Do the people of Seychelles think that it was an easy decision for President Faure to abolish 5th June as a public holiday? Not at all. He is a child of SPUP. Of course, he lost sleep over this decision. But somebody had to do it if Parti Lepep is sincere about his work for the people, about his wish to see the people unite and live in peace now and in future.
The opposition has done a great harm to our young generation. The violent and could not care less attitude is not good for the posterity of Seychelles. It is why the President announced that in 2018 there will be law and order in this country. It is necessary for him to go all-out for discipline to help us parents and society in general.
We are backing President Faure in his endeavours to save our children, our society and country from the egotism of politicians who want absolute power to put the country and people in terrible misery. Cleary some of them are losing interest in the cohabitation. Seychellois are taking note. We have always said that the live broadcast of the Assembly is a double-sided sword.
Those who are yet to join President Faure to help him achieve his targets, it is not too late. It is not a time to be jealous, to harbour anger and hatred, to still dream that the opposition will do a better job. They cannot handle themselves in a National Assembly with a majority so do not expect miracle if you give them absolute power. Some of them behave like extremists in the Assembly. Their arrogance and ignorance have gone to a new level. This is not us. This is not Seychelles. So, if last year you thought their time was now, you are realizing your mistake. Now you know what Parti Lepep has been educating the people all along; that your vote is powerful. You are the power and not politicians.


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