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Due to political opportunism, the LDS politicians, in particular their MNAs demean former President France Albert René and James Alix Michel at every opportunity they get

to fulfill the wishes of their leaders. This is unacceptable. To speak ill and lie about the two leaders who have transformed Seychelles from deprivation and hardship to become a high income country and topping the world in social rankings, constitute blasphemies. They too have performed miracles, to save their people from starvation and misery. Seychelles and Seychellois have come a long way. They had a commitment with Seychelles with SPUP, later SPPF and Parti Lepep. Their partnership with Seychelles has been like an ongoing affair which has brought the best results. We should never forget that because it is difficult to build and too easy to destroy. We would not want our children to suffer the consequences of the actions of the few who want to revenge out of jealousy, greed and hatred.

The former Seychellois leaders are no thieves or criminals. They did not rob the people or their country. On the contrary they worked hard to make the country what it is today. They sought independence and give Seychellois an identity and dignity. Turn them into successful people, envied by the rest of the world. We cite examples of their success the many housing estates that enable the people to live in comfort and the many recipients of a free education system who have taken high positions in Government, the private sector and living very good lives.
The same people who blaspheme our leaders come from simple backgrounds, with humble beginnings and have benefitted with a title and earning a good salary. If they cannot look back to where they come from, at least do not let them be manipulated to become arrogant and disrespectful of their elders. The former presidents are our elders. They have looked after us as a people. They will always remain compassionate towards the people of Seychelles and also grateful for the love and admiration of the majority of people. They have aged and resting the rest of the days.Tthey do not deserve mortification for doing what was right and good for their people.
Francois Adelaide, in particular, should be ashamed after having said that President René blocks the traffic on Saturdays. The man built a country and he introduced freedom of rights in this country. At 82 years old, he still has every right to visit his country as any one of us. You will have to think hard about the things you read in the Assembly and stop using the residents of Baie Lazare as your scapegoat. Like those antagonists who pushes you to say those mean things, you will live and grow old with a guilty conscience.
They have insulted the two men while they were at their lowest; both were not feeling well. But the way we have worked and lived alongside the two leaders, we know of one thing they probably said when listening to these insults, “God forgive them for they do not know what they are saying.”
If this onslaught masterminded by those who usually hide behind the weak ones, was an attempt to defend their image after the cake fiasco and also to traumatize the former Seychellois leaders, they have failed.
Seychellois who often hear these politicians humiliate with the aim of dishonouring the former presidents should ask the following: who among the leaders of this country  are guilty of political opportunism? Who are these people who would do anything for fame and money and not the people? This is what they are, opportunists and not redeemers or rescuers of the people. They do not sacrifice for others. They do not work to make a difference. They make a lot of noise, hoping to become famous. Are these the type of leaders we want for Seychelles?
In the beginning, President France Albert René believed in socialism- meaning he believed that whatever the country worked hard to achieve should be distributed among the people. Socialism was all about the people; give the people social security, employment, free access to health care and education, etc. We know that he struggled for the independence of his country. There was even a song invented by his adversary, DP, that they did not seek independence, René did. We know that René believed in the abolition of all prejudices, class, colour and creed in a society that was crippled by discrimination of every nature. René has always stood for a spirit of nationalism or patriotism and unity of his people. He never refused to stand by a cause which he believed to be right. René had his convictions, whether some agreed and other disagreed. But he had the courage of his own convictions and fought for them, sometimes even very stubbornly. During those times, what were his opponents afraid of? The people were afraid to starve because they were very poor and hungry, so they were frightened with more starvation. The people believed in God, so frightened them with inventions about the destruction of their churches.  
When Mr. René and SPUP began the struggle, the people of Seychelles were considered good for nothings, and also gullible to anything. “We can do anything we want with Seychellois” were the thinking of wealthy individuals.
René wanted the people to build their country based on their own intellectual and moral strength. He succeeded. The foundation of this modern Seychelles is his achievements. We are who we are today as a nation because of him. He put our country on the map. He built with success in fisheries by allowing Seychelles to become the first country in the region to develop a tuna factory after allowing purse seiners to fish tuna which were in abundance in our waters. We collect in foreign exchange just like we did with tourism and agriculture. He wanted the country to become self-sufficient. His initiatives are also the Central Bank of Seychelles, The Development Bank of Seychelles, Savings Bank, Nouvobanq, the Seychelles People’s Transport Corporation, the Public Utilities Corporation, reclamation to get more flat land to build houses and for the business sector, highway, - the list is endless.
He did not want to see our people left ignorant with a lack of education. He introduced free and compulsory education, free health, social benefits, created employments in all the sectors for Seychellois- again the list is endless.
Seychelles was a new country and had no financial resources in 1977. President René and his Government had to borrow to develop this country. Capital investments were attainable with huge loans and grants from our international friends. When he retired, it was true that Seychelles had financial sorrows. But this happened after the world itself was hit by a crisis- a meltdown that affected many countries. Seychelles could save itself with another chapter, a new model of economy. It was the turn of Mr. James Michel to take over and see that the next chapter becomes as successful as the first one. This is the way Parti Lepep has always worked; based on a vision. The Seychellois leaders each writes their chapter that will complete the great book of success started in 1964.
President Michel prepared the people for a storm. He took the wheels of the land-cruiser (Seychelles) and managed to swirl it to safe landing avoiding a crash. He needed the assistance of the Bretton wood institutions, IMF and World Bank but the economic programme was home-grown. Seychelles under the leadership of President James Michel and his trusted Finance Minister who was also VP, Mr. Danny Faure, explained to the nation that Seychelles will have to brace itself for any effects as MERP (Macro-Economic Reform Programme) would be bumpy but if we stay strong and united we will come out successful. President Michel faced the people in every district to address any issues of concern they had. MERP was a brave and risky initiative and in the end it became successful. Seychellois was all too happy to loosen their tightened belt.
Government reformed every sector. After that in the country there were plentiful of almost everything we could control. Seychellois who love to travel already reputed to the most travelled nation, could go to the banks and get as much foreign exchange they wanted. The supermarkets in the country had commodities. Everything fell into place. The hikes during the reform reduced and life got back to normal for the people.
The business sector was remarkable; especially the small enterprises boomed. People were up and about trying to become their own masters. While it is true that some people failed to take up opportunities to improve their lives, they became dependent on social welfare set up to help the vulnerable face MERP without having to face much difficulty.
Even Air Seychelles was saved. Seychelles became the envy of the world. It is to be noted that President Michel has conquered the world with his foreign policy blueprints. He was admired by one and all. Some of his initiatives are still spectacular such as the Blue economy, his fight against climate change, the way he used the protection of environment to negotiate with the Paris Club to help Seychelles erase its foreign debts. MERP was the mop which wiped out all the problems and challenges of the country and cleaned up very well.
President Michel set up the NDEA and FIU to combat money-laundering, drug trafficking and other threats. Even if the opposition is today tarnishing his image, the man invested in this country. The Irish were like guard dogs and detected many wrongdoings by criminals and individuals in Seychelles who did not want to see Seychelles succeed.
James Michel, despite the lack of gratitude of one man, has rescued Seychellois who had become captives of the Somali pirates and could have gotten killed. He has no regret for having saved their lives.
The opposition has had their turn to say a lot of things and make a lot of false accusations. President Michel will have his say one day, the truth always comes out. The Creator never condemns the innocent. He however renders the guilty ones accountable to their wrong doings- it may not be now, tomorrow or the day after, but some day.
Seychelles has had two great leaders. President René was the torch of freedom. President Michel was the redeemer of our country’s economic difficulties in a new era, in modern times.
Their successor, Mr. Danny Faure will mop the social decadence of the opposition, extend a helping hand to those who failed to take heed of opportunities to improve their lives, and continue to develop Seychelles to make everyone successful. They may be many things to the opposition who are after absolute power to become wealthier, but these two leaders have put Seychelles and Seychellois first. They will die having dedicated their lives to this cause.


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