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To Seychellois, this political party was their ticket to a new life.

From the very time the Party came into being, principles and policies were clearly set out. The majority of Seychellois were convinced that they were ready to spread their wings and build a new life together with SPUP.

But probably the people never knew that Seychelles was a country of endless opportunities. Back then they were inferior and told that they were a bunch of good for nothing.
The people of Seychelles were in for a great surprise. They became their own masters in their country and envied by many who never knew they were a people with so much potential.
Today we are hearing some extremists’ abusive and disdainful comments that slander the architects of modern Seychelles. The heart of the people grieves and regrets the events of the past months since December 2015.
Through people like former President France Albert René, the Party was trying to find a new beginning and a new society for Seychellois. If we take health as an example, Seychellois by majority were poor people who could not afford the privilege of good health, by their way of life and as patients they were discriminated because of  their race and class.
Back in 1964, this is what SPUP wrote: “The strength of a nation depends on the health of the people…The party’s programme for health aims at providing for the people free medical care which will embrace all medical practitioners.
The party holds the view that doctors and other medical staff by virtue of their calling have a special responsibility to the community and should be inspired to devotion to duty. The quality of their work and their relationship to the public must not be related to material reward…
The party believes that our country can and should become one of the healthiest in the world. It aims at creating a system in which there will be no discrimination. No one should be left without medical attention through his inability to pay. The people will have the right to free health and medical services of the higher standard.”
This example shows how the party wanted to leave behind a system of injustices in health and allow every Seychellois to be able to receive free and good health services. The same goes for education, employment, housing, the introduction of social security, pension, welfare assistance etc.
These policies are guided by the principles of the same party and they have enabled the Seychellois people to have an identity, dignity and the right to live well in their own country.
These policies have transformed Seychelles from a country marred by poverty and injustices into a modern, democratic, equal and free country for each and every Seychellois irrespective of their race, religious and political conviction. These have been possible because the party has always been elected by the people in Government and in the National Assembly.
A Government by the people and for the people  has always  guaranteed a bright future for Seychelles. Besides its endeavours to see the people live well whilst enjoying all the basic of life’s needs, the party in power for forty years has always made sure that its relations with foreign countries remain intact and Seychelles protected from global pressures  and risks by valuing its role as part of this global village and hold dear God’s blessing to keep Seychelles a thousand miles away as a distant paradise.
In forty years, Seychelles has accomplished so much through these golden principles and policies in all the sectors. The Seychellois children have always benefitted with free and quality education until university- and they are told that the world is their oyster.
Learn and find their wings as they reach for the sky. Government finances their education even in the most prominent universities of the world, including Unisey- Seychelles’ own university. The latter is linked to Cambridge in many subjects and every year provides the country with a pool of professionals in various spheres.
The Seychellois elderlies are living in dignity- knowing that they are guaranteed their social security and also pension for those who have worked hard contributing to the transformation of their country. Before SPUP introduced the social security policy, our elderlies had no choice but to beg in town and today very few individuals are seen begging. These are drug addicts and prostitutes who refuse employment and choose to live that way.
Above are some examples of the different category of people who have gained with this party.
SPUP, through its ideologies and values, have positively changed the lives of the people for the better. A promise kept, Seychelles has so many success stories of the past forty years.
In economy, it is very important to note that it started with a situation of destitution in 1964 and elevated into a high income country in 2015. So, billions have been invested in this country. Sacrifices in terms of hard work and efforts have been put into these achievements.
What compelled the party to do so? It has always been the family of people that lives in Seychelles.

The People voted for cohabitation.

Recently as of the past 12 months, the life that the people had become accustomed to continues to be threatened by a dangerous political situation that Seychelles has never known before. A system of cohabitation between Government and an opposition movement called the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS).
This cohabitation can be successful as long as the opposition understands that it is not a condition to take revenge on their opponents but to collaborate to put Seychelles first. It started well but lately especially with the 2018 budget, they have distant themselves from collaborating and is focusing more on vengeance.
This is happening after Parti Lepep failed to score 50 percent in a Presidential Election that went into a second round in December 2015. Habitually, the Party scored high percentages of votes to become victorious. But in the second round of that particular election, in spite of the many success stories of Government, the Party only just made it as a winner.
A few months later, in parliamentary polls, the party was in shock after it lost most of the districts including a few of its strongholds to LDS. President James Michel decided to retire and allow his Vice-President Danny Faure to take over to complete his mandate.
LDS, which is a movement of four political parties that joined together for a common purpose - to oust Parti Lepep, entered the National Assembly. They were like four people, with each a different background, therefore different skills, not necessarily friends hoping to unite in the same purpose. After they got together, it was unsurprising that the former  SNP  had taken the lead.
This means that in the National Assembly their drive is to try to complete the task that SNP set about accomplishing when it joined the political scene in 1993 under the name of Parti Seselwa. They are still resentful and arrogant.

Parti Lepep is fearless

Though they demonstrate their size and strength, Parti Lepep remains fearless in dignity. Parti Lepep still has the support of the majority of people. In the Assembly Parti Lepep has more members as an individual political party compared to parties constituting the LDS.
The 14 member cohort brings intelligent arguments to the table when they make their contributions and do not disgrace and conduct slurs in a bid to take revenge on their opponents. They are criticized, confronted and demeaned by their opponents but they remain calm. They know that as politicians/professionals they must act responsibly and be role models especially to the youths.
Parti Lepep is taking measures to become more relevant as it embraces a new era in politics. As the oldest political party it knows that it has to go through some changes to improve its performance to better respond to the people. Parti Lepep was created to make the difference. It upholds this role and is more determined than ever to make sure that no person or persons destroy what it has taken the people of Seychelles four decades to build.
Parti Lepep continues to organize meetings with its members to educate them about the true fundamentals upon which this party was founded. For example at a district meeting at Avani, the Party President said that it is always important for them to remain loyal- which is a quality that creates its own rewards. In trusting Parti Lepep, the people trust the principles that look after them. Their rewards come in all sizes and shapes, such as free health and education, social benefits, housing, employment, a flourishing tourism industry alongside fisheries which guarantee their livelihood, stability and harmony among many others.
“Our supporters need to maintain the unity that has always characterized our big family and trust the work that is being done to ensure that as a country and people we continue in the direction we have set out. We are aiming for continued progress and prosperity for each and every Seychellois,” Mr. Meriton said.
He was voted as the party president at the 31st Congress which coincided with the 53rd anniversary of the party in June. President Michel stepped down and was replaced by Mr. Meriton. The former Central Committee had reached the end of its mandate, a new one was voted and the party president also appointed a new secretary-general and deputy secretary-general.
President Michel told congress that Parti Lepep has to appreciate all it has done throughout its history. He spoke in nostalgia as a younger generation took over the leadership in Government and in the party.
The newly elected party president Mr. Meriton thanked his predecessor for his contributions and sacrifices. He assured Mr. Michel that the party will be in good hands. Work will be done to make the party more popular and stronger to win the elections in future.
“Change has been brought to Seychelles by Parti Lepep. The strength of our people is constituted of the principles which our party’s founders have instilled in our nation. Such principles are based on equality of opportunity, the dignity of every man and woman and where is superior while others are left behind.”
In a rallying call, Mr. Meriton urged members and supporters of Parti Lepep to stand up with conviction in our party and its principles and to show loyalty.
Out of respect and admiration, recognizing the contributions of Mr. Michel, Congress through one of its resolutions graced him with the title of ‘Honorary President of Parti Lepep’.
Another resolution expressed gratitude to Mr. René and all those who have struggled alongside him for our country and our people to achieve success.
Their successor, Mr. Meriton has not rest since taking over the helm of Parti Lepep, he has held regional meetings with members and supporters to speak of the new political situation in the country.
To explain to them why it is important for the party to respect the cohabitation and that the work being carried out by President Danny Faure benefits all Seychellois including them. After he had concluded the regional meetings and listened to the contributions of the members, he decided that it was better that he goes to the districts and organizes more meetings.
It has been opportunities for him to interact with them.
The mass organisations of the party which comprises of Women’s League, Youths and Veterans also continued to hold their meetings and engaged in activities this year. Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon has replaced Mrs. Mitcy Larue as Chairperson of the Womens’ League.
Mrs. Vicky van der Westhuizen is the new Chairperson of the Youths organisation. These are but a few of the restructuring to double the vibes of the party as it recuperate from these shocks and steps up to become this model political party which has existed for 53 years and led Seychelles for 40 years successfully.
Parti Lepep will finish this race stronger and more popular and enters a much serious competition contest in 2020. It will win the election and continue to lead this country on a peaceful road of progress, just like it set out to do when it began the struggle in June 1964.


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