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President Danny Faure has once again proven that he has strength of character and ability to succeed at the helm of the executive branch of Seychelles Government,

when he faced the local media for a fourth time during a press conference held at State House last Thursday.

We have seen his will, gift, power, strength and tenacity. He has not fully utilized them and it was clear that we would see more that will make him perform to the level beyond our expectation.
The president was frank and honest in his replies to questions pertaining to the current political, eonomic and social climate of the country. To note, most questions of the journalists were no picnic, except for a few trifling ones attempting to debase the President. If anything, the President answered those insignificant questions with as much zeal and sent positive vibes to the population.
President Faure appeared calm as he took on the questions and addressed every issue. The Seychelles’ leader has already made up his mind of what he wants to see for Seychelles and Seychellois. With this fourth press conference he has drawn his red line.
He is focused and clearly he will not let anyone or anything distract his concentration and motivation.
In conclusion one can even say that following the press conference several of the issues were no longer dramatic as clearly the opposition had  built  mountains  out of molehills to show failure where there was none.
After the press conference, one fellow journalist remarked  that it would be interesting to hear the president speak when he is  wearing his political hat. ‘The People’ can only advise anyone to  watch  and  learn. He is one of the great originals of SPUP, SPPF and Parti Lepep. As Seychelles’ president, he is welcoming everyone onboard to work hard and succeed for Seychelles.
This newspaper summarizes some of the topics  addressed  by  President  Danny Faure.


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