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“Paradis des Enfants” could face closure after the LDS majority in the National Assembly chopped off its allocation in the 2018 budget.

The popular children’s playground, offering bumper cars, skating rink, electronic games and other sporting and fun activities was a donation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) three years ago.
This prompted MNA Jean-Francois Ferrari to call it a “poisoned gift”, which is costing too much and cannot be allowed to continue operating.  He suggested the kids fun park be put on tender and privatized.
The budget had proposed an allocation of R 4.5 million, but this has been reduced to just R 1 million, to force closure.
Following LDS’ rash decision, children will lose the most attractive fun park in the country. Over a dozen people employed at “Paradis des Enfants”  will also lose  their jobs.
The closure of the fun park, affect all children, including those whose parents support LDS. It will be interesting to see how they react to their party’s madness.


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