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Clearly only very rich people can finance an airline. It is a very huge investment and also very risky.

We read in Seychelles Nation dated Wednesday 29th November 2017 that the Seychelles Airline company will be financed by Seychellois businessmen notably Ahmed Afif and Philip Boulle.

The same article said that they will start with two Boeings 767. According to the Internet, one Beoing cost around US$185.5 million.
By now Seychellois know that Philip Boulle is doing very well in business; be it in offshore or real  estate  as we are aware that Government rents out office space in his building in Victoria. He is also Attorney at Law and has his own practice.
Ahmed Afif has worked as a civil servant at Central Bank and in Finance. He is now an MNA earning Rs31, 000 monthly. How can he afford so much money to help finance the Seychelles Airline Company?
In saying this, we are not insinuating that there is foul play on his part, but based on transparency that as MNAs they also advocate, it would be a good thing for Mr. Afif to explain to the public about his role in the financing of the company.
We are being also told that the airline will be operational by the end of 2018. Has it handed in all the necessary documents for the SCAA to show that they are indeed serious in this endeavor?
 SCAA should come out and let the people know more about this project.


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