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Right now, the movement comprising of four political parties, is being dominated by individuals emanating from the former SNP.

They are flexing their muscles after hitching a ride on the back of former Parti Lepep officials who got together and formed the Lalyans Seselwa (LS).
     Now LS is just a name while the former SNP is bullying their way in opposition politics. Because they grew in size thanks to LS, the former SNP officials now want to push the LS to the side because their pathetic mind tells them that State House is within reach.
    Wavel has never and will never be a good strategist. He always fails and has to rely on other people.
They are trying two techniques hoping to win one way or the other. They are hoping to oust Pat Pillay as they gossip behind his back and keep undermining his role as Speaker. They do this in ignorance because once Pat is out, the former SNP is useless and nothing. Have they considered Pat and LS removing all their support from LDS?
Some former SNP want but Nicholas is far more intelligent than them. He is a man who has integrity and will not be bullied into realizing their personal ambition.
They backbite Nicholas but always remained careful because they know that if Nicholas leaves he takes with him the little dignity that is left with these former SNPs.
They fear Ahmed because they know that Ahmed has ambitions and will want more and the best, meaning Wavel’s position.
Their other technique is to introduce Alexia Amesbury to a position of status in LDS to replace Pat Pillay. It is funny that Wavel is thinking he can control Alexia.
This woman will stand up to Wavel. They want Florry out of the Assembly ASAP. Does that mean Alexia will replace Florry?
To sum up it is nothing but a war in LDS. This alliance is not working and the group is splitting apart. Most of the people who provided good support for them have been pushed to the side or are being still used to do their dirty jobs while they pocket a huge salary and other perks.
It is not clear why in the first place they chose to put Florry or Jany in the House and leave out Robert Ernesta who has been loyal to them?
Then there are those who should have remained with Parti Lepep. The likes of Clifford Andre who coonsiders himself a self-made man and, also Jany whom we loved when she was a ‘star’ than now as a so-called politician.


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