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It took the National Assembly three months to approve the National Budget, and not all the LDS MNAs voted in favour, some chose to abstain.

For the first time the budget allocation for the Tourism Ministry had to be presented as a Supplementary Budget in a motion by the Leader of Government Business, Hon. Charles de Commarmond.  Had he not been advised by the Attorney General to do it in this manner this ministry would not function after LDS refused to vote in favour of their allocation late last year!
LDS has manipulated the entire budget allocation and caused delays to government work and in the process many Seychellois suffered the consequences such as those who await payments owed to them by government for services rendered, and also in the disbursement of the 13th month salary.
President Faure had to wait for the approval of the Supplementary Budget for the tourism industry which was approved by all the PL MNAs and only 7 LDS MNAs on Wednesday.
Yesterday, the President assented, the entire budget for his government to function properly.
He was quick to formally approve the budget because the president knows that it is the Seychellois families who benefit when the budget is implemented in all the government ministries, such as health, education, defence etc.
President Faure puts the interests of the people first compared to the LDS MNAs who found an opportunity to take revenge on the PL Government.
Had some of their supporters not turned on them, they would  have voted against the entire budget. Their remarks when scrutinizing the budget were derogatory, dark and at times backhanded as they used sarcasm and were cruel to government officials they sought to humiliate!


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