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Employment and SFWU act swiftly to remedy situation.

Early Tuesday morning the Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly, Hon. Charles de Commarmond informed ‘The People’ that he is accompanying a group of workers from Banyan Tree whose employment are abruptly being terminated, to the Ministry of Employment.

“We cannot accept that young Seychellois are being terminated in such a way. Something has to be done in order to help them,” he said.
The meeting also involved the representative of the Seychelles Federation of Workers Union (SFWU) Mr. Antoine Robinson, who joined negotiations with the management of Banyan Tree to resolve this matter. Speaking to this newspaper, Mr. Robinson said that whilst it is true that there were talks that Banyan Tree will get new owners, management has to respect the law when it comes to termination of employees’ contracts.
“It appears that management did not inform the Ministry of Employment and the workers were simply called in a meeting and informed that the hotel is being sold and subsequently they have to leave. They were handed their letter of termination. I personally believe that an employer has a moral duty to its employees. You follow procedure which is to inform the Ministry of Employment, which normally negotiates with management and come to a solution that is fair to the workers, especially now that we’re already in the festive season,” said Mr. Robinson.
Employment and Union have met with the management of Banyan Tree and negotiations have started in order to assist these employees. Banyan Tree has until Friday to agree to implement some measures that would at least ease the agony being felt by the workers such as gratuity payments, the extra 13th month salary etc. A committee has to be set up to represent the workers to discuss and ensure that the hotel honours the commitments made with Employment and Union.
 The 37 employees, comprising of 35 Seychellois and 2 expatriates are disappointed and hopeless until they know that either they will keep their job under the new management or they will be placed in a new job.
The district MNA Paul Ernesta, has also met with some of the employees who are residents of Takamaka, and he feels that it is not right for the management of Banyan Tree to let down its employees. He also wants to sit on the committee to add an extra voice for the workers. “Termination cannot happen in that manner. But in the first place, why can’t they keep their jobs even under new management?
If what I am hearing is anything to go by, we cannot just layoff Seychellois workers to replace them with expatriates. The latter get jobs that cannot be done by locals. If there is a good reason as to why some of these workers have to leave, then respect the law. Inform the authorities so that these people can be placed in proper jobs.
I stand by my group of determined and hardworking young residents,” said Hon. Ernesta.