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With eleven hundred employees, PUC, probably the second largest employer in the country increases their salary on a regular basis and a new scheme of service is imminent.

Since January 2018 till to date, there has been 98 promotions and several salary increments. It is the reason why employees with PUC rarely leave their jobs.
The expatriates, whom the LDS is using for political expediency, are on short term contracts and some of them are included with projects that PUC has in partnerships with foreign organisations. As Minister Cosgrow stated in the Assembly, there are 35 expats employed at PUC and not 200 as alleged by an opposition paper.
So it was rather pathetic for these MNAs to keep asking questions when clearly they had lost their steam the minute Minister Cosgrow started to provide the truth about PUC and the services it provides to the country.
 At the end of the day, they looked so defeated that deep inside they most probably blamed their leader Ramkalawan for using them as his stooges in this futile political game.
In the end all Ramkalawan could do was attack former Minister Rolf Payet and businessman Mukesh Valabjhi.  Some people use humour when in embarrassing situations, while Ramkalawan attacks the credibility of others. He stirs up confusion based on false accusations.