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President Faure did not fully commit himself on the issue of Air Seychelles, which is normal.

But he said that he will continue to accompany the process as Air Seychelles considers its options so that it continues to operate and help support the tourism industry. It is to be noted that Seychelles has an open skies policy- allowing various airlines to operate in Seychelles for the benefit of its tourism industry.
Air Seychelles awaits a new CEO to take position in mid-December. The airline’s partnership with Etihad is still in good health.
President Faure described this partnership established in 2012 as a very good endeavor for Seychelles and said that it is his wish to see both airlines do well in spite of the challenges that the airline business brings with it.
However, he has cautioned people who are taking up jobs with any airline, to always remember that such jobs carry risks.
The staff of Air Seychelles should not fall prey to  cheap politics by the opposition but to face their careers with all the risks this entails and support their organisation for it to be able to support them back- it is called solidarity in good and bad times.
Seychelles would like to see Air Seychelles prosper- as a holiday destination country we rely heavily on tourism which we all agree is our country’s mainstay of economy.