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One of Seychelles’ best known and versatile businessmen, Abhaye Valabji passed away last week at the age of 84.


Abhaye founded his first shop at Albert Street, where he sold electrical goods, including radios and household appliances.
He was defined by a genuine and contagious smile (the famous Abhaye smile) and a generosity that left us humbled.
 Abhaye did not hesitate to extend credit to all those who needed it- newly- weds buying their first furniture, fishermen who needed outboard motors, families wanting a car, musicians looking for instruments and housewives, a sewing machine.
The Abhaye Valabhji group has since grown to include furniture shops on Mahe and Praslin, as well as an auto saloon at Providence, managed by his son Anil.
Abhaye lived his entire life in Seychelles, with brief sojourns in the USA.
He is survived by his wife, Rukhsmani Dhanjee Shah and his two sons; Mukesh, (married to Laura Alcindor), Anil (married to Dolores Ernesta)  and daughters  Hemlatta (married to William Edmund, deceased) and Neela Lakhmani (married Sanjay Lakhmani).
Abhaye is also survived to six loving grandchildren.
According to a member of the family “Abhaye leaves us with sad and heavy hearts, but with a well-defined path to follow- one with high principles and ideals of honesty, generosity, kindness and hard work.”